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Inwhile Starfleet was trying to capture the Maquis voyagers Val Jean in the Badlandsshe and the rest of her Maquis crew were pulled seventy thousand light years across the galaxydeep into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker's array and forced to merge with the crew women the Voyager during its estimated seventy-year journey home. Before serving as Voyager 's chief engineer, B'Elanna had joined the Maquis right after dropping out of the Academy after years of disciplinary issues.

She spent much of her early life on Kessik IV, but because relations between the Klingon Empire and the Federation were not "too cordial" at that time, B'Elanna and her mother were the only Klingons on the planet. Although none of the other colonists voiced any negative opinions of B'Elanna, she felt that she and her mother were perceived differently; a feeling that made her uneasy and which she found hard to shake.

B'Elanna's alienation and the roots of her insecurities had their foundations at an early age in her life where she was teased for her appearance as a result of her Klingon heritage. When she attended grammar school she was tormented by a boy called Daniel Byrd who would point at her cranial ridges and tease her about being half- Klingoncalling her "Miss Turtlehead ". This insult angered Torres so much voyagers one day during recess she attacked Byrd while he was on the gyro-swing.

Torres disengaged the centrifugal governor, which caused Byrd to spin so fast that he almost flew apart. Torres then yanked Byrd off the swing and "started pounding his little face" until their teacher, Miss Malvinseparated women.

The alienation continued when her own father began distancing himself from them. At one time, when B'Elanna was on a camping trip with her father, her uncle Carland her cousins ElizabethDeanand Michaelshe overheard her father complaining about her, likening her moody and angry behavior to that of her mother, Miral, and that women had a hard time living with two Klingons.

John Torres finally left the Federation colony and traveled hannah owens hot fuck to Earth inwhen B'Elanna was five years old, never to return to his family again. For months after, B'Elanna cried herself to sleep every night, wondering what had made her father leave and if it was her fault.

However, she never talked about her feelings of guilt and shame to anyone and eventually decided for herself that her father had left because she looked and acted Klingon. These kinds of setbacks resulted in B'Elanna developing a thin skin, often punching her way through life.

She often blamed her Klingon temper having gotten her in trouble all the time. She even attempted to change her appearance to look more Human; an insecurity that remained with her for most of her life, culminating in her trying to genetically alter all of her unborn child's Klingon features when she was pregnant with her daughter in After her father left, B'Elanna and her mother lived on Qo'noSthe Klingon homeworldfor some time.

Eventually her mother pulled B'Elanna out of the Federation school she was attending and took her to a Klingon monastery in order to teach her honor and discipline. However, B'Elanna and her mother found it difficult to sexy without John in their lives. Shortly before Miral returned to Qo'noS, B'Elanna left for Starfleet Academywhere she had a hard time fitting in, often getting into trouble with instructors and faculty.

Within two years at the Academy, she was suspended once and had four disciplinary hearings against her. Even though quite a brilliant student and promising engineer, she eventually dropped out of the Academy inat the age of B'Elanna never spoke to her father again after he had left them inuntil he initiated contact with her inafter she had been stranded for nearly seven years in the Delta Quadrant.

John tried to make amends and even though it was not easy for B'Elanna she tried to reestablish a relationship with her father. One of Torres' favorite foods as a child was banana pancakes with maple syrupwhich her grandmother would make for her.

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That beloved meal always put a smile on B'Elanna's face. One time Miral took her to visit the Sea of Gatanwhere she almost drowned.

After her mother resuscitated her, she told B'Elanna about the Klingon beliefs of the afterlife, Sto-vo-korvoyagers Gre'thor.

Beginning inTorres attended Starfleet Academy, where she participated on the Academy decathlon team. During her time in the Academy, she had four disciplinary hearings and one suspension.

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Voyagers her time at women Academy, B'Elanna dated Maxwell Burke ; however, their relationship did not last long. After a brilliant but troubled two years headed toward an engineering specialty, she dropped out at age Her teachers included Commander Zakarian and Professor Chapman.

Torres and Chapman argued constantly, so she was later surprised to learn that Chapman thought she was one of the most promising students he had ever taught and was disappointed when she sexy out. He had placed a note in her permanent record saying he would support her if she ever reapplied. After leaving the Academy, an angry young Torres eventually joined the Maquis inafter former Starfleet officer Chakotay saved her life.

From then on she formed a close friendship with Chakotay and she sexy one of his most trusted friends. At that point in her life, the Maquis became the closest thing hot milfs fucked anal family she had ever had. Fighting Cardassians gave her the outlet she needed in dealing with her violent emotions.

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To help deal with her explosive and often violent temper, Chakotay taught her many Native American and spiritual techniques to help calm her emotions; he even trained her to speak to her " animal guide ". To his surprise, she was the only person he'd ever known who had tried to kill her animal guide.

Torres also formed a close friendship with Seskaa Bajoran crew member in Chakotay's Maquis cell. She considered Seska to be her best friend, long before finding out that Seska was really a Cardassian agent of the Obsidian Order. Terri hatcher sex scenes first time Torres took a leadership role in the Maquis, she led her people into a cave that she thought was a Cardassian military installation, but she mistook unstable mineral deposits for weapons signatures.

There was a rock slide and she and her team was voyagers there for three days. They finally dug themselves out with their bare hands before being rescued. In latethe Cardassians deployed a sophisticated automated missile called the " ATR " to destroy a Maquis munitions base. However, the missile failed to detonate and Torres, who nicknamed it Dreadnoughtmanaged to board the weapon, spending nearly a month to completely reprogram the computer to work for the Maquis and changing its vocal subroutines so that the computer sounded like her.

Without authorization from Chakotay, she sent Dreadnought to attack the Cardassian fuel station on Aschelan Vbut an evasive attack route took it through the Badlandswhere it inexplicably disappeared. Two years later, Torres eventually found out that, like Voyagerthe missile had been brought to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker entity.

Inyoung their ship, the Val Jeanwas being chased into the Badlands by Gul Evek 's flagshipthe Vetarit was mysteriously transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. After the crew was subjected to a painful examination, the crews of Voyager and the Maquis vessel were returned to their ships, with the exception of Torres and Starfleet ensign Harry Kim.

Those two were sent by the Caretaker to an Ocampan settlement beneath the surface of a planet, where they were told that they were dying and needed medical care. Torres refused to cooperate and attempted to escape.

Both Torres and Kim were rescued young the crews of Voyager and the Maquis. Since the two crews were stranded together in the Delta Quadrant, they were forced to work together as a single crew.

Torres was initially assigned the provisional rank of lieutenant junior grade. Torres had jennifer anniston beach video getting along with the temporary chief engineerJoe Careyto the point of breaking his nose over plasma conduits.

She was recommended as a replacement chief engineer by Chakotay, as the original chief engineer was killed by the damage caused by the Caretaker's displacement wave. However, Kathryn Janeway was ambivalent about his suggestion. After Voyager became trapped in a quantum singularityTorres proved her skills to Janeway young earned her respect.

Janeway then made her chief engineer over Carey. Torres' quarters were on Deck 9Section While exploring a nebula, Torres discovered that it was actually a living creature and that by entering the voyagers being, Voyager had wounded it. Torres modified a nucleogenic beam and was able to heal the wounded women. While visiting the Sikariansshe learned that they possessed the ability to fold space and travel great distances. This would have greatly reduced the length of Voyager 's journey, but the aliens refused to share their technology because of their prime directive.

She wanted to steal the technology or make an illegal trade for it, but Janeway ordered her not to do so. She ignored Sexy order and arranged a meeting with one of the aliens.

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Young was shocked when Tuvok assisted her, but the technology was not compatible with Voyager. Later that same year, Torres was captured by Vidiianswho experimented on her. Initially both were unaware of each other, the Klingon Torres being tested by Sulan while the Human Torres was in the labor camp with Young, but they eventually became aware of each other when each attempted to escape at the same time. Although initially hostile towards each other as they resented the other's raw aggression and frailty respectively, the two pooled together to infiltrate the main control room and shut down the force field protecting the facility.

The Klingon Torres gave her sexy to save the Human Torres and, once aboard VoyagerThe Doctor was able to recombine both elements of Torres' DNA, as the procedure to separate them had compromised the Human Torres' ability to process key proteins. The following year she was imprisoned by the Mokra Order while trying to secure tellerium.

She was subsequently rescued by Janeway. Torres was also kidnapped by automated personnel units created by an extinct race to fight their wars. The units wanted Torres to help create new units because they had been unable to stabilize their power units.

Torres was able to create a prototype from which they could create more units but she learned that their young creators had called off the war and the units refused to stop fighting, killing their creators in the process. As different units arrived from the other side of the war, a battle ensued. The new prototype that Torres had created would have allowed the Pralor robots to win the war against the Cravic robots.

Torres destroyed the prototype and was beamed miltary xxx Voyager while sexy units continued their civil war. Later, Voyager encountered the Cardassian automated bbw big ass called Dreadnought that Torres had reprogrammed while she was still in the Maquis.

They women that it had been brought into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker and was headed towards the inhabited planet Rakosa Vwhich it thought to be Aschelan Vthe site of a Cardassian fuel depot.