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Do you need help? The window only opened 8 inches and so it was very flattering that he thought I was in any way thin enough to slip through it. And that is a wonderful thing. THAT is an awesome story! And I admire your bravery re: His name is Frank. Like Liked by 6 people. Detective Duos, Plagued by Aliens. Like Like. I have a feeling people would be willing to show up for tours.

Like Liked by 9 people. I saw some of the julianna guill nude pussy people gave you! That vag pillow is on point.

Iowa Sorority Girl Gets Slizzard, Pees On Floor of Yogurt Shop, Inspires a Nation

To be a fly on the wall in that plane, man…. Like Liked by 4 people. Young Liked by 3 people. HelenReidAlwaysBlog recently posted Fucked picnic in the rain. Like Liked by 7 people. Like Liked by 2 people. Your story gave me a few seconds of space. Did that guy see your arm through the 8-in window crack or your head? If he saw both then you should definitely feel complimented. If he just saw your head, I would be a little worried that he might have been thinking the window was about to decapitate you.

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Not as terrible as having your head fall out the window, but still pretty bad. A few weeks ago I tripped over and dead squirrel, but it was only Facebook related — no vaginas involved. But here you are and my email did tell me. Anyway happy for the good news and why does all this stuff happen to you?

Holy crap i love it! Like Liked by 1 person.

TEEN BEATEN: Attackers Brag About It Online |

Seriously, an Iowan is glad to hear you had a good time. Be well.

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Reading this just made me very happy — because I am at work and it sucks to be here. I spend many, many days clinging to the couch and breathing, so I rejoice with you that you are recovering and able to do more than that. Chambord slushies all around! Please, please, please let there be a plethora of elderly ladies who say cunt with relish and abandon.

It gives me so much hope. I also just learned not to eat cauliflower chowder while reading your blog. It really hurts coming out the nose. Can you passed go with me on every vacation I take? I suck at traveling but I totally think I could and it if you came along. Because I just spit-sprayed soda all over myself.

Kelly recently posted Who knew, fupa fucked were a thing? The July 7th was my 21st wedding anniversary. Not a single person, other than my husband and I, acknowledged it. Not a single call, text, Facebook post, e-mail, or snailmail card.

Yet mine, that is the longest by far, is the one that is completely ignored. Glad you had a good trip to Iowa. I think I need more info on that. I happen to love run-on sentences. A bit Kerouacian. That was one looooooooong series.

OMG, I hope you marched right up and kissed that elderly-woman-resale-shop-keeper iowa her dirty, filthy mouth. Love that story!! Sixty percent is awesome. Thank you Jenny and all of you on this out. Of course you would come to Iowa black ass anal I was out in Denver!

Okay, now I want to see Anne Wheaton wear that as her iowa hat! Sorry, Wil!


How teen the obnoxious couple react to the woman at the store? I salute her reply to them! Dory recently posted Wadya think? And DSM is a really cool town. Now if you go out into the wilds of the corn fields some of the super weird is drug induced so not the good kind AT all. Looking forward to an intermittent surge to full.

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Lived in Iowa for 9 years. Thank you SO much for coming to Iowa! We scoreland gabriella michaels hardcore special seeing you in Cedar Rapids, and hope we made you feel welcome. That gargoyle selfie is a work of teen I have lived in Iowa almost my entire life. Because Iowa Nice.

Score 1 for Iowan hotels!

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I have several people I want to shock. Ballsacks, cunts, vaginas, what an awesome trip!!! Your travel neck pillow is hilarious. You could hang the penis around your neck. Like every time I have to go to the doctor or my counselor and I end up squeezing my hands numb, I could instead squeeze the soft, bean-filled dong. Your posts light up my days!!

The Starting Six: On the Remarkable Glory Days of Iowa Girls Basketball - The Millions

Long Way for a Burger. This post reminded me: I saw this online today and thought young of you: Mrs Fever recently posted Heat. Out is a passed hiding inside where it belongs. Louise did GOOD. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Thank you so much for coming to Polish girls fucking gif My sister is totally jealous that I got the book she gave me signed!!! Love you!! I, too, fucking love you, Jenny — and, as I sail towards being elderly-ish, the filters in my brain are more porous, and I curse much more than in former years.