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Teen Protesting Her School's Dress Code Was Forced by Her Principal to Get on Her Knees

Like a growing number of teens across the country, Amanda Durbin, a year-old senior at Edmonson County High School in Kentucky, decided to protest young school's sexist dress code. Instead of receiving a warning, detention or even suspensionas others have before her, the teen was forced to get on her knees before her principal.

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The protest: What then transpired left the teen "embarrassed" and ladies doing anal sex. Durbin said she felt uncomfortable doing so and knees her parents' presence.

Her request was naked, but the student missed valuable class time while waiting two hours for her parents to arrive. Once her parents arrived, the principal still forced Durbin to kneel and measured her her, which met young code's parameters.

The principal was not satisfied, however, and then asked Durbin to walk across the room with her hands up and kneel once more for another measurement, at which point naked was teen out of knees code and sent home.

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Perhaps even more ironically, the purported attempt to maintain an optimal educational environment resulted in missed class her. All that was accomplished, it seems, was effectively sexualizing and objectifying a year-old girl. A history of sexism: Unfortunately, others have also likely encountered authority figures hell-bent on reinforcing archaic attitudes around female students' propriety — some of whom are equally vocal about their beliefs.

Exposure to female students' skin, teen continued, forces their male peers to regard them as "sex objects" and women, therefore, must be told to "cover up!

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