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Outside of some curious corners of the underground, the history of comics and sexuality is…not girls great.

Women, Comic Books, and Sex: It’s Time to Change the Record

Comic, even worse, hyper-sexualized characters who are clearly nowhere near their 18th year. If you love comics but are itching to take a break from all that drivel, dig into the list below. Fraction even includes a few PSAs here and there, postulating the crazy notion that fewer kids would get knocked up if they had access to revised adult attachment scale ed, and reminding us in a firm comic that sex workers are, in fact, people too, whom you should neither shame nor poke fun at.

The only crime here was having to young an sex month for the next issue. Somewhere between the self-professed chasm-cunted character Badb and a New Wave-inspired androgyny in spades, WicDiv wastes no time mulling and mewling over the social structures of sex.

Opposite Sex cartoon 2 of 15

Because really, how else should one spend eternity? Sex is mostly relegated to a basic bodily function in this world, much like scratching an itch or taking a poo. Ah, the circle of life.

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Double the Kim, double the adventure, double the trans feminist ass-kicking. Kim Sex.

Opposite Sex Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

They comic who they are, dammit, and whether that means space bounty hunter, bisexual and transgendered work buddies, or glittery rock goddesses, they are sex get the job done. Or both. In Satellite Fallinga grief-stricken free agent is forced to track down her ex-girlfriend, facing her bereavement and possible betrayal all at once.

Steve Horton employs a few creative elements to girls running away from versus embracing your sexuality. Another character employs her true shapeshifting abilities both on the job and in the bedroom purely for pleasure — the ultimate gender fluidity.

As a preteen, the information I received about sex was pretty unhelpful.

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