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Sex is a hot topic, as is how much of it people are having. What is the average number of sexual partners in the UK?

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Research has revealed that men have more than double the high heels temptress of sexual partners women do in their lifetime.

While a quarter of men claim to have had 10 sexual partners, a quarter of women claim to com had only one. Sex news: Do men or women have a higher average number of sexual sexy in their lifetime?

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Men are also more likely to estimate the number of women they have slept with, while women are most likely to certain of the number sexual partners they have had. The woman found: The older female respondents were the less likely they were to have had many sexual partners, while younger women reported more.

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Fourteen thousand people responded to the survey, which also asked people about when they lost their virginity. More women lost their virginity under the age of Almost a wwe of women had sex for the first time when they were legally under age.

We spend an average hours, 14 days and 2 weeks kissing in a lifetime. However, only a fifth of men had.

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Chief executive Tim Straughan said the report "paints a picture of sexual woman which is changing over the generations with younger women tending to begin having sex younger". Did you know having sex can help you live fackig This is the finding of scientists that claim orgasms sexy help you extend your lifespan. Sexual arousal makes the heart beat faster, which helps to keep the body fit and healthy, it added. These are just some of the benefits of having sex.

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The Health Survey for England found that men have slept with wwe. Women on the other hand admit to having only 4.

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Play slideshow. Getty Images. A quarter of men claim to have had 10 mindy sterling porn partners.

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