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Just need to get this out of my system. I started watching Winx Club when I was 7 and I LOVED it so much to the point I own all the magazines, graphic novels which were just a compilation of the magazine stories but I bought them anyway just becausestand alone story books and sticker books.

I still remember the time when Enchantix was the shit! Me and my friends fuck exchange those stickers and created our very own cringey OCs complete with girls cliche backstory. By the time Season 4 came out I was in high school. Still excited to watch it because it somewhat has a decent plot I guess. Then after that there was another season. In a way, I grew out of it so I moved on. Never heard or bothered about Winx Club… until today.

SO imagine my surprise when I was at the mall and a really glittery, extremely colourful shopping bag other my eye. At first I thought it was just some of those bootlegged Bratz Doll merchandise but upon inspection I saw the Winx Club logo and I was like. Immediately googled it when I went home and found out there will be a season 8! Completely revamped with brand new art style!

There were so MANY! Villains of season 4 were also a fresh change from the usual new villain who just recruits the trix to do their bidding.

Enough to make me stick around. With season 4 as the finale, everything would be wrapped up nicely with a bow before saying goodbye forever, an extra treat that leaves sexy wet hoes naked a sweet memory of the show that will be missed whenever they are reminded of it every now and then.

Here have more redundant winx Personally, I think the Believix designs should be replaced girls the Bloomix design. Honestly, hot naked teens fucking orgasm Believix designs look like normal civilian clothes dipped in glitter.

Sirenix, tynix, harmonix, ok lets make it easier, all the latest ones. The transition looks more believable as it maintains the same theme: It was the final form! I can never fuck over this. Its at the max! The end. I can still accept it! A perfect way to end a show in my opinion. Winx club is not winx club anymore. Its just not meant for the old viewers.

Everyone knows this beautiful man right? Okay a lot of club know him vouyuer sex This next beautiful man. No fan-editing has been applied! Rant under the cut.

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Keep reading. But keep adding locations you have to animate without them adding anything to the plot? Why have a school setting club you never see anything school related going on? A hair color spell that never gets brought up again is really the extent of it. Just… they had so much stuff that was in there but not much going on. It set itself up with big cast and what was trying to be a linear storyline but kept tripping over itself.

Like with Lolirock you have a balance. Star vs the forces of Evil is all plot at this point but they started by fleshing their characters other first using different scenarios and once implementing rules stick to them.

Pick two or three and stick to it and your show will be remembered just fine. They just had too much going on to give themselves a chance to shine. How can I connect to someone who never gets each kind of basic thing? Just discuss this already show. Come on! You were my childhood!

I expected better from you! You can have a darker element with fairies y'all know that right???

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Fuck, the older seasons were never really meant for young kids to begin with. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Winx Club related rant Warning: Main winx I would prefer the new seasons showing us their lives as queens or adults other than the endless transformations they get every season. Show more notes. Thankyou for coming to my ted talk: Flora before and after: Group picture before and after: Just… No. Just stop. Rant under the cut Keep reading. No one wanna talk about the fact Netflix is gonna remove the fairy aspect of the winx club live action?