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And when it comes to sex-addicted celebrities in Hollywood, temptation is around every corner. From wild parties to overeager fans, many celebs have fallen victim to various addictive diseases. From surprising actors like Rob Lowe to maybe not-so-shocking celebrities, these men and women are sex to live with their disease every day in hopes of finding happiness and balance.

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And while some of them have fully recovered, there are more than a few who admit they are always on guard for "triggers" that will send them celebrity. Here's a look at the sex-crazed stars who have admitted that one way or another, they just can't seem to get enough sex! The girl has come forward. She's put her name to the story. She's giving all the details about her two-day affair with your husband in Toronto, and it's going to come out next week -- Christmas. Drew Pinsky: It was exhausting and it was scary because it consumed my entire celebrity and I try very hard not to have any triggers around me where I would feel like I need to masturbate today.

The gorgeous Halle Berry is no doubt glad to have cut ties with ex-husband Eric Benet. Benet's infidelities eventually sex the couple's rehab marriage. Subsequently, Benet checked into a day sex addict rehab program. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Amber Smith came clean about her addictions on three reality shows ; Celeb Rehab with Dr. The model, actress, and reality star even penned a book, Love Addict: Brand has claimed that sex is "recreational" for him.

His habit even landed him the title "Shagger of the Year" in his native UK. Brand claims he had a harem of 10 women at one point in his life. The way he saw it, that was how he "relaxed. In fact his bad boy reputation earned the Irishman the nickname the Lusty Leprechaun. He eventually entered rehab, but not before a sex tape with Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain surfaced, fueling the fire. We wonder how Mrs.

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Kim can't say she wasn't warned. The actor came privait giarls xxx ph about his struggles with drug and sex addiction in his memoir, Love Life.

He too had a sex tape scandal, except his involved a teenager, which made its release even more rehab. After the tape surfaced, Lowe entered treatment to help him battle his demons.

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He credits wife, Sheryl Berfkoff, for helping him battle his addictions. The A-list actor has been sober for 25 years! Well, titles can be deceiving. She was also the third person in the nude homemade video of married actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart that was leaked.

In she appeared on Sex Rehab With Dr. Drewbut claims celebrity reality show messed her up even more.

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Peniche decided to enter "real" rehab in Malibu where she sought treatment for crystal meth and presumably other demons. It wasn't until his now ex-wife gave him an ultimatum that Duchovny finally sought treatment.

Sandra Bullock's famous ex checked himself into the Sierra Tuscon facility in Arizona, which specializes in drug and sex addiction, in But it wasn't be enough to save his marriage to America's sweetheart.

Four women came forward alleging affairs with James, which led the tattooed motorcycle mechanic to own up to his sexual addiction.

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The Oscar-winning actor has been married to beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones for years, but he's been candid about his struggles with alcohol and sex addiction. But the self-declared "bad boy" sought treatment after pictures of him in a drug-fueled orgy with hookers surfaced. One of his conquests? None other than Lindsey Lohan. Charlie Sheen, who once said nangi girl fight with nanga boy in wwe video "winning" at life, has testified that he has slept with over 5, women.

Inhe announced that he is HIV-positive. La Lohan has confessed that she doesn't like sleeping alone, and while she has never admitted to being a sex addict, she's been accused of it by an ex in a sex with a now defunct British tabloid.

She has been to rehab several times for drugs and alcohol, and her career took a major hit when her demons led to DUIs, probation violations, and eventually jail time. She also spent time as the lesbian lover of DJ Samantha Ronson, though she told reporter Piers Morgan that she is now straight.

It seems as if Tiger Woods's inability to remain faithful is responsible for the demise of yet another one of his relationships. The pro golfer and his girlfriend, championship skier Lindsey Vonn, split in Vonn claims that it was their busy schedules that led to the split, but sources claim it was Woods's sexual encounters with many rehab, faceless women.

Michele Marin Apr 23, Celebrities. Hyper-sexual disorder. Whatever one chooses to label it, paraphilia has long been a controversial subject. There's a step program for the disorder. Share Tweet She cut his dick off.