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Happy Milf leg show Day! Are you tired of Street Nude babes having too much muscle? Well, here's what this mod is for. These girls use Women bodies, making them gianna bdsm much hotter and sexier.

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This pack contains 13 women and was supposed to be released months ago, but lack of resources caused it to be delayed. Street Fighter belongs to Capcom. Heads ported by, and. Mesh modding and bodies ported by. Poses by. I'd like to give a huge shout out to for taking the time nude recolor the bodies and helping me finish these models which have been sitting on street Desktop for several months.

Thanks a lot, man!

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Join the the to add your comment. Already the deviant? Sign In. Comments Mukoj-in Apr 7, Hatredboy Dec 7, Hobbyist Digital Artist.

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These versions are excellent for editing and creating customized versions of them. I like them much more than the originals, which have a very disproportionate body. I'm glad you like them. Hope you get to use them soon. Spirus10 Jul 9, Am I the only one who thinks that Kammy has the face that Fighter has to have? Finally, my pray was heard. Excellent work!!!

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R0ck4x3 Jul 6, Hobbyist Digital Artist. While I like the normal muscular physique alot of the SF women have, at the same time, I like them like this too: Danielgokaiblue4 Jul 5, PerilMachine Jul 4, OP Jul 4, Hey, My pleasure in helping you anyway I can, man. I hope people will enjoy using these women. Glad you like it.

I hope you get to use your favorite SF girls in this pack for your renders soon. I'll get to it fighter day. Right now, I'm still working on the other DOA girl renders on the models you sent out.

There's so many, I street lose or randomly pick which bikini models or outfits to use. Otegine Jul 4, Don't get me wrong, it's great that you created different models, as mode variety the better, but aside from the unproportioned hands like IKeelYou said, i see nothing wrond with their models.

Most people don't like women that are too muscular. I just don't like their giant gorilla hands. Otegine Jul 11, Unwiser Jul 4, You are a god among men. There's more to come though. Bikini and barefoot? Just nude. Core Membership. Terms of Service.

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