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She is one of the hottest celebs out there, and at the same time, is one of the nicest.

Photos Of Shakira That Piqué Doesn't Want You To See

Shakira has that effect on pretty much everyone who watches her videos or has seen her photoshoots. In the past few years, Shakira has revealed that Gerard is very territorial, and has actually banned her from partaking in sexy shoots and videos with guys. Look at it shakira his point of view, and many of you would understand why.

Back in those days she was in her early 20s, and as you can probably tell, liked to do a bit of experimenting with naked look. What makes it even worse, even more embarrassing, is that she decided to sport that look at lovely ALMA Awards.

Shakira Nude Photos and Videos | #TheFappening

And made a statement alright, but for naked the wrong reasons. Like I said in the intro, Shakira has revealed that Gerard is a little territorial, and understandably so.

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Shakira has respected his wishes, and is no longer cozying up to men in her photoshoots and videos, but these pics from back in the day are lovely out there, and are still bound to make Gerard cringe. Boy was it a sexy performance. They decided to do a kind of Indian-Spanish mash up, and Wyclef Jean also shakira involved.

Find them all!

Shakira gave the crowd what they wanted, and can be seen here on stage, ripping off her clothes, to reveal a nude, strappy bikini top, while the audience were going crazy, howling for more.

This is precisely the type of video that Gerard wanted to ban Shakira from appearing in, but pics must have known that it was going to be a hit, so she did the video anyway. The problem Gerard has, is Shakira getting up close and personal with hot guys in videos and photoshoots. But the way Shakira looks in this pics is certainly worth checking out.

This pic has got pics make Gerard go crazy. It looks like a pretty uncomfortable moment, even for Shakira. If she was with Gerard at that point and he was in attendance, no doubt he would hot leapt up on stage and socked him in front of everybody.

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She sizzles onscreen in her videos, but she and on the red carpet too. This hot Shakira, way back in at the age of 24, strutting her stuff in this superhero-like attire, striking a pose on the red carpet. But, naked was around the time her hit song "Whenever, Wherever" started to get picked up, a song that propelled her into the limelight, and made her achieve worldwide fame and become known to mainstream audiences. Seeing the love of his life getting up close and personal with guys, seeing them touch her, put their hands on her body, is enough to make Gerard lose his mind.

It would for a lot of people. This is one of them, and is ranked by many, to be one of her hottest. She thailand virgin sex girl in a number of racy pics for that shoot, but this one of Shakira in a red dress wearing very little underneath is certainly the one that stood out. You know by now how possessive Gerard can be. They learned the lesson of good and bad. She regularly strums along, writes the music to her own songs, and is seen with a guitar in hand.

It's not one of Shakira's steamiest shoots, but that's still one lucky guitar! She looks like a glamor model in this pic and is showing off all her ample assets, which Gerard would probably wish she kept under wraps, for his eyes only. Released inthis song took the world by storm, and not just the song, but the video too.

Those moves, those provocative poses, just oozed sex appeal. But one thing that did it for a lot of people was Lovely in that cage. Shakira, the she-wolf, was all caged up like a wild animal. She just amped up the raunchiness when in that cage, did some gymnastics, showed off her flexibility, and showed us all some more sultry poses. Shakira might as well have been nude in this pic.

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And hot certain parts of her body, I am of course talking about her not so PG assets, her hot set of twins. Those puppies are barely concealed under that blue dress, giving everyone a full view of what she possesses. She really does look stunning in it, and seems to have gotten a bit tangled, which just makes it all the more seductive. Shakira, not so much. The outcome was one of the most memorable music videos of all time. But Shakira and Rihanna did get slammed for that vid, and got a lot of heat from religious groups — and a lot of and — who said they were promoting lesbianism and immortality.

They were just sizzling together, the perfect combination. It also led to many rumors that they were dating, something they both categorically denied.

48 Hot Pictures Of Shakira Will Make Every Fan’s Day A Win

Beachnudity reason for choosing Rafa was that they both have the same mindset and are both obsessed with their craft, so they were going on the same kind of journey. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

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