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Can White People Wear A Chinese Traditional Dress? (for prom or not)

W hen is a dress just a dress? Big bouncing cleavage those photos of the little cocktail number that looked blue with black lace to some and white with gold lace to others when they were in fact the same frock?

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Its beauty, however, turned into a curse when photos posted on social media of her wearing her beloved vintage find made her a target for tens of thousand of tweets accusing her of cultural appropriation.

If anything, pao qipao represents power and class, not race, and certainly not the culture of some exploited underclass. Some even detect a western influence in its hybridisation, meaning the current outcry could be compared with taking offence because someone in Asia wore a tuxedo. PROM pic.

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At its core, the identity debate is about power: This is hardly a case of teen white American dressing up in a fringed chamois tunic with a feather headdressmocking the indigenous people their antecedents almost wiped out. Wearing kimonos Sexy and sticking chopsticks in their hair! When cultures meet and mingle, they inform and enrich each other.

I can wear tartan, wear pyjamas, knock up a curry, curl my hair, cry along to the blues and dance to funk.

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I know the difference between a schmuck and a schlemiel. I love gefilte fish. Does this make me a cultural appropriator? The whole cultural appropriation debate is in danger of being turned from pao defence of minorities under the colonialist cosh into a lazy substitute for real political power.

It’s Halloween – time to bring out the ‘cultural appropriation’ scare stories | Nesrine Malik

With President Trump and his acolytes pumping up yellow peril fears around China, and his trade wars threatening to slip into hot wars, the last thing we need is this trivialised pastiche sexy serious debate. Minorities have precious little ammunition with which to challenge tribal juggernauts. Keziah daumkeziah PROM pic. Keziah was neither stealing power nor claiming ownership.

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