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Journal of Child and Family Studies. We examined the prevalence and age of onset of physical and sexual abuse in a clinic-referred sample of adolescent girls, as well as differences in diagnoses and symptoms among abused and non-abused girls.

Forty-nine girls aged 13—17 abuse with disruptive behavior were interviewed along with their primary caretaker. Data were gathered through both a structured interview with the girl and her parent, as well as self and parent-report questionnaires.

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Somatoform Pain Disorder was significantly physical likely for physically abused girls, compared to girls who were lindsay lohan nude the canyons physically and sexually abused.

Of CD symptoms, truancy was twice as high for the physically and sexually abused group, compared to the prevalence for non-abused girls. Internalizing symptoms were also highest for the dual abuse group. Onset graphs show that the onset of sexual abuse usually occurred at an earlier age than the onset of physical abuse.

Abused girls showed an earlier age of onset physical CD symptoms. Results indicated that the experience of combined types of abuse is associated with a poorer psychiatric prognosis.

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Fergusson, D. Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorder in young adulthood: Psychiatric outcomes of childhood sexual abuse. Flisher, A.

You Have to Talk to Your Girl About Physical and Sexual Abuse—Here's How

Psychosocial characteristics of physically abused children and adolescents. Garnefski, N. Child sexual abuse and sexual and behavioral problems in adolescence: Gender differences. Gil-Rivas, V.

Sexual abuse, abuse abuse, and posttraumatic stress disorder among women participating in outpatient drug abuse treatment.