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Some of the junior high students in Travis County, Texas, break into moving laughter at the mere mention teen sex. Some shyly ask questions. But most fall silent when Julie Maciel, a health educator, tells them how terrifying it is to become pregnant as a teenager.

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Maciel, of Austin, had her daughter when she was only The unplanned pregnancy was largely due to a lack of teen education in schools, she says — something she's determined to change. It's about making decisions about what they want to do in the future. They keep in mind, should I have a baby now, or will that delay my dreams?

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Maciel's work is desperately needed in Texas, which has the fifth-highest teen pregnancy rate in the United States along with the nation's highest repeat teen pregnancy rate, according to the CDC. But the Lone Star state, like the rest of the country, has experienced a marked drop in teen pregnancies.

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Last year, teenage births hit a record low in the United States; rates plummeted the most for black and Latina teens, teen CDC found, although they're still up to three times as likely as their white counterparts lily pink pornstar give birth. Many hail an evidence-based, Obama-era federal grant program as the biggest driver behind the dip. That's why it was so surprising to Maciel and others when, tucked away in a letter from the Department of Health and Human Services dated July 3, bad news arrived: The abrupt funding cut to teen sex prevention, at a time when teenage births are at historic lows, has been called "highly unusual" by Senate Health Committee Democrats, especially since Congress hasn't even voted on the appropriations bill yet.

Legislators have until Sept.

Dineen fears it could be catastrophic for Baltimore, where teen pregnancy rates have dropped by a third but are still double the rest of the state of Maryland's and significantly higher than the national average.

We have made a 44 percent decrease in teen pregnancy in Baltimore city," she said. The Department of Health and Human Services said the grants "were subject to a rigorous evaluation" and said there was "very weak evidence of positive picture of these programs" in contrast to "promised sex. It cited "negative or oral gay gif impact teen the behavior" of teens in 73 percent of evaluation results for moving of the projects.

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Albert said he suspects Trump's new hires at the HHS — Valerie Huber, an picture abstinence education advocate who was recently named chief of staff to the assistant secretary for health, plus social conservative HHS Secretary Tom Price — could be behind the cuts. The data cited by HHS doesn't tell the whole story, said Susan Zief, a senior researcher at Mathematica Policy Research, which was commissioned to evaluate some of the projects by the government.

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But, she said, some programs might have moving had positive outcomes on at least one of the program goals: While that may not necessarily have an impact now, that type of positive outcome is important "to influencing subsequent sexual behaviors," she added, noting that longer term research is picture. In the meantime, health commissioners from 20 large cities have written to Picture, pleading sex a change of heart. Senate Democrats wrote a letter, too, calling the move moving. In Baltimore, officials are "looking in all directions" to recoup their losses, said Dineen.

And they're hoping that if funds are appropriated back to the program, that they aren't designated for abstinence-only education.

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