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This Is Fine. In this edition, Mitchell Kuga talks about watching Serena Williams videos to combat procrastination. Sign up here to receive an essay about a dealing-with-life strategy via This Is Fine. Before I start writing, which is my full-time freelance job, I have a little ritual to get my brain working: This ritual feels sacred.

Without it, I absolutely, percent cannot sit down videos write —or, at least that's what I tell myself in serena when I'm doing everything in my power to avoid writing, even though I'm on deadline.

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But the truth is that wasting time mostly feels like a waste of time. In the gig economy, which is predicated on the idea that every second can and should be monetized, not actively working fills me with dread.

In those moments of dread, I turn to a means of procrastination that doesn't feel completely like slacking: Serena Williams Top 50 Amazing Points.

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Serena Williams - Mindblowing Forehands. The affliction can make writing feel impossible, like I'm trapped serena place between indecision and vacancy. Force is in the sizzle of her serve and the bite of her backhand. I love watching that force dominate her challengers, particularly when you least expect it.

Watching her, I believe I could be unstuck, too. For a few glorious minutes, Serena draws my mind away from long, sedentary hours behind my computer and brings me into my body, even though I've barely moved. My core tightens and my heart rate quickens.

I sit taller.

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As a former athlete, I suspect this is partly from imagining myself in her body, feeling the rush of competition again—this time, it's me versus a blank page. I can feel my limbs making those same lunges and overhead kills, my body twisting as I leap sideline to sideline. Through her movements, I can hear my thoughts, can feel them percolate and unfurl. When she screams, either from joy or frustration or grit, something in me releases.

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It feels like writing. Like a well-written sentence, Serena makes excellence look easy—until she screams after an important point. She pumps her fists and shakes her arms, her face an expanse of devotion and pain. These YouTube videos are life rafts in the raging sea of virtual trash, anchoring me to higher meaning, a sense of purpose, and the length of history. Her victory over her nude andhra village girls Nude Williams at the Williams Open happened a year after the video was created.

The footage starts grainy, inthen gets increasingly teens bois fuck old mom ass with nude tournament, illuminating the sport-defining trajectory of her career.

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Her first title finds a year-old Serena stumbling back in shock, her mouth agape. Despite the pixelated footage, her joy is palpable. Open champion. Watching that eight-minute video makes writing feel easy.

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If a girl from the very public courts of Compton—adjusts monocle—can win 23 Grand Slam titles to dominate a sport that was once set up to deny Black videosperhaps I can sit down to write, say, 1, words. Serena makes wasting time feel pointless.

She unblocks me and spurs williams into motion—even if I'm sitting at my desk. For more stories like this, subscribe to This Is Fine. Follow Mitchell Kuga on Twitter. Sep 53: Illustration by Esme Blegvad.