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It's that time of year, and I give you a possible two part story. For now it has santa part, but if there's enough demand, I'll write a part two. Last year, I wrote a wonderfully fluffy story based around the Rainbow Unicorn stories, titled " Infinity ". So, you know what that means, spanks No reading at the claus table with the family around! I do not own skins. Nor Christmas.

See a Problem?

Any and all typos got drunk on egg nog, possibly like they did last year. I'm not sure that I could explain myself, if someone other than Emily were to walk in, right now.

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Gina had cooked a lovely Christmas dinner for us all, and Kieran dressed up as Santa. She wrapped her arms around my neck, the blush on her cheeks matching claus colour of the Santa hat on her head.

Strict Spanking Stories: Mrs. Santa Claus - (F/X)

I could tell you that Emily got me back later by shagging me senseless, but that wouldn't be true. I'd told her that I had something for her back in London, and she would just have to wait. It of course didn't stop me teasing her by whispering in her ear that night as we snogged each other a fair bit.

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It turned out that Emily was very receptive to being told filthy things about how I wanted her to have her way with me, particularly while my hand was between her legs and my fingers were teasing her clit. When we made it home, I told her, after bringing our bags inside, that she was to wait in the sitting room for me. I could tell she was curious, but also pouting slightly, because I hadn't let her have her way with me yet, and I could tell that she was dying to.

I always could tell when Emily wanted me, she got this smouldering look in her eyes, and since we had left Bristol, she had been snuggled up to me on the train home, touching and teasing me as innocently as she could. There were also whispers in my ear about how she wanted spanks just rip my clothes off as soon as we got in the door, but I told her she needed to be patient. I went into the bedroom, and shut the door, going to the wardrobe and retrieving the package I'd had delivered to Effy's flat.

I didn't want it delivered here, in case Emily had picked up the delivery.

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Much easier that way. It had arrived the week before, and Effy had texted me to let me know. When I went to pick it up, she was intrigued as to what it was. Claus best friend chuckled. After getting dressed, I looked at mrs in the mirror. I shook my hair out to mess it up a bit, letting it fall over my shoulders, and then perched the velvety Santa hat with the fluffy fur lining on top of my head.

The Secret Life Of Mrs Claus And The Elf Chapter 1, a skins fanfic | FanFiction

Lastly, I picked up two other items, and opened the bedroom door. I quietly padded my mrs out into the sitting room, pushing the coffee table out of the way and kneeling directly in front of Emily. I took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. She opened them, her brown orbs mrs wide as she looked spanks up and down, taking in the image of me.

I was wearing, in addition hot hijjab sexy naked woman the Santa hat, things that left not much to the claus. A red lacy corset, with white fur trim at the to and bottom, some very tiny white knickers, over a red garter belt that was hooked up to some sheer red silk stockings that had candy cane patterning.

I smirked. The cuffs had white fur trim around the edging. I've been a naughty, naughty little elf, and I think you need to do something about it. She raised her santa, and once again allowed her hungry eyes to look over me. Push the table back, and kneel at one end of it. I pushed the table back into the centre of the room, and then leaned over it, as Emily stood up and moved behind me. She slipped one of the cuffs over my spanks wrist, securing it snugly, and then, passing the role in front of me, did the same with the right wrist. Her hand claus began to trail up my spine, and she caressed my body slowly.

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She chuckled softly, as both of her claus trailed down my back, across my hips, which she gently squeezed, and then rubbed down over my arse, continuing down my thighs, the silkiness of the stockings adding to the sensation and making me shiver. She tutted. I guess I will have to discipline my naughty claus elf then Her hand rubbed over my arse, and then I felt the slight chill, right before the firm smack of her hand upon my cheek.

The sensation made me clench between my legs, and so did the second smack on the other side. God, that felt good. And the moan I let out, nice mom and girls fuck with the quick gasps that followed was testament to that fact. Her hand rubbed across my claus, and then her fingertips traced along the line of my knickers. I felt two sharper smacks on either side of my arse. Two quick spanks on either side, making me groan again.

My wrists strained against the cuffs. Shall we go for ten pairs to start with? A spark went through my body as I felt myself grow wetter, and moaned affirmatively. The cool touch of the leather paddle left my skin, and then a split second later, made contact with one cheek, then the other.

Santa Spanks! 2 by Holla Dean

The paddle wily made contact once more on each side. The contact of the leather against my already pink arse worked its way through my system and made me tingle between my legs. The paddle rested on my quickly warming arse, santa rubbing to soothe me.

I was now breathing harder, and moaned as the flat leather once again made contact on each side, and then again, the stinging sensation not most beautiful naked stars photos settling. The paddle came mrs twice more on young girls naked with dread cheek.

I could feel santa hear my pulse beating in my ears as the adrenaline began to spike through me. I gasped as Emily's hand began to rub at my skin, soothing the ache that I was already feeling.