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So Many Yikes. The issue then was that he apparently discovered a sex tape that Jen had made with an old boyfriend, and he thought it was wrong of her to keep it when she'd marathi bae sex video with him for a year at that point.

The Sammi and Ronnie Sex Tape: Released?

Jen responded with this, and as you can imagine, things only got worse after this. A Taco Float, Honestly. He apologized in another Instagram post, but deleted it shortly afterwards and in its place, he shared a screenshot from someone who claimed to have had sex with Jen "on the taco float in the backyard," because she's a sammi, see? Seriously, Stahp.

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All of that happened in April, and they did end up breaking up, but it didn't last tape. By June, they were back together, and they got into a fight in which Jen allegedly "lunged, spit and shoved Ronnie. Also in June, Jen was arrested after she drove off while Ron was halfway out of her car, tangled in his seatbelt. She really dragged him down the sex with her car.

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So Sad. Also, their baby was in the backseat during that. Because in case you forgot, that poor little baby was around for all of this. There's more Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: Just click "Next" below: Edit Delete.

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