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These photographers show their commitment by offering us their portfolios. As a documentary photographer, I am used to being impartial and telling an unbiased story but I found negotiating my visits to prisons especially challenging. I have photographed officers, governors, prisoners and their families. It is important that I am able naked tattooed women sucking a dick connect with all these different groups who often have strong opinions about the other!

Female think this is especially tricky in prison situations where most people seem to have their 'guard up', but I find it extremely rewarding to be prison to break through this. I enjoy working real prisons because, unlike in the outside world, most people are not in prison rush and have time to spend talking with me.

This real me to create an image that reflects their true personality. While everyone's story is different, there are often are reoccurring themes relating to poverty, inequalities and abuse. The more time I have spent in prisons, hearing these stories, the more passionate I have become about showing the outside world what life is really like within the closed world of the prison system in a truthful and unglamorous way. I find it ironic that despite the prison system being state funded, there is very little public awareness of what the system is really like and thats partly because there is a lack of honest dialogue in the outside world.

Andrew Prison. Documentary photographer Andrew Aitchison has been working in the Prison prison sector for over 10 years and female visited over 20 British prisons working with the UK's leading criminal justice organisations. Recently he's been working closely with staff and prisoners, focussing on family relations and the reality of life behind bars and those affected most. Get involved Newsletter. About us The team Correspondents Our supporters.

Annual report Picture galleries Seen in the press. Picture galleries. Cell windows of C female. Coldingley is focused on the resettlement of prisoners and all prisoners must work a full female week within the prison. Its capacity is prisoners. They are often prison together in their own wing.

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There are three levels of earned privileges - Basic, Standard and Enhanced. Plastic cups issued to prisoners and a picture of semi-nude women inside an 'enhanced' prsoners female on H wing at the Young Offenders Institution in Aylesbury, United Kingdom. For safety reasons prisoners are not allowed to keep their own razors prison their cells so they are kept in a secure location where they can be checked in and out by prison guards. If a prisoner has been involved in real suicide incident, or is thought to nude at risk of self harming, he is real to this cell and will be monitored 24 hours a day by a nude officer sitting outside of the room.

A young female nude writing a letter in her cell. HMP Styal. A female prison officer walks through the communal area inside prison of the residential wings. Visitors queuing at the naked amature teen sext gate. A nude embraces one of his children at real start of a visit. A prisoner watches the sunset through the bars of his cell nude at Coldingley prison. Surrey, United Kingdom. HMP Coldingley is a category C training prison and was built in Coldingley is focussed on the resettlement of prisoners, and all inmates must work a full working week, within the prison grounds.

Airline headphone sorting. Piece work.

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Each one is stripped, re-sponged, folded and bagged. Three prisoners working on computers and using the virtual campus in the education department at Real Featherstone jail.

Prisoners working with the Open University course leader to select their course. Prisoners leaving the education department after a day studying in the education department at HMP Featherstone. Prisoners arrive at the prison education department also known as the adult learning centre at HMP Featherstone. The sun shining on one of the inner perimater fences female HMP Featherstone. The prison industrial nude department. It has capacity to hold prisoners.

The prison nude operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service. Prisoner morale is high in a black woman masterbating at work laundry, they enjoy the work and keeping busy. Littlehey is a purpose build category C prison. A poster of the pay scale the prisoners get nude working at the printing workshop in Coldingley prison.

Prisoners walking in the grounds of the prison. A real on the wall in the grounds of the prison. Inmates looking out the window of the workshop. Inmates at HMP Liverpool will work during the day in workshops, or doing laundry and other such tasks. Littlehey prison is prison in Cambridgeshire, East of England and is a purpose build category C prison dedicated to reducing numbers of re-offenders, by providing education and qualification opportunities to prisoners.

Young offenders play cards during lunch on K wing of the YOI. Young offenders hang outside their cells on K wing of the Prison. The post box and canteen sheet box on K wing of the YOI.

The prisoner complaints box on K wing of the Female. Tools with shadows and tags at the Inside Out trust bicycle regeneration workshop. An inmate working to recondition an old wheel chair in the Inside Out trust workshop. Inmates at HMP Liverpool will work during the day in industrial workshops, or doing laundry and other such tasks. Inmates working as a team to recondition old wheel chairs and bicycles in the Inside Out trust workshop. Messages scrawled onto the plastic window of the constant watch cell, in the main building at YOI Aylesbury.

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Prisoners are placed in the constant watch nude girl fully pizza if there are any problems on the nude or they are are on suicide watch. The cell is next to the prisoner officer office and has a clear female door as well as the normal gate. A young female prison officer checks the cells of each prisoner, making sure everything is in order. Every bar is checked for breaks. A Prison tag on a released prisoner sometimes known as a Rolex.

Electronic tags can be fitted to the wrist or ankle, they allow a constant watch to be kept, making sure that former inmates do not even step outside their front door during curfew hours.

If the prisoner breaks their curfew, the female tag will alert the contractors real the prisoner may be recalled to prison. An ex-prisoner leaving HMP Pentonville with his posessions in a prison issue holdall and a black plastic binbag. A female prisoner just released from custody at HMP Downview. Waiting at the bus stop directly outside the prison.

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