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Back in the 70s—when men were men, women were women, pics breasts were real—Hollywood was obsessed with the idea of the outsider. Mobsters, bank robbers, whistleblowers—these were the heroes young hot vrigen video xxx 70s films.

The final collapse of the studio system in the late 60s fields in a decade of artistic though admittedly bourgeoisie auteur-driven films, before the 80s ushered in the age of the blockbuster, a precursor to today's franchise-driven cinema industry. But back to the breasts.

Older woman with younger men in porn movies most common, simplest way for women to transgress on film during this decade was through their sexuality—a source of power that was wrapped up in pain, pleasure, and nonconformity all at once. This was a vision of femininity that was unhinged and demure, crass and doe-eyed, all at the same time.

No one represents this ideal more than Valerie Perrine, an actress who remains one of the most underrated talents of the 70s. Perrine was an exquisite beauty with wide-set sea-green eyes shemale prolapse a naked face.

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And she had a body seemingly made for sin. But she was pics than a pretty gal with naked tits. She could be a really good dramatic actress and a really good comedic actress. But you got the sense there was a real human being there. She spent time as a child in a convent in Japan, and her army-brat teenage years included stops in Paris naked Rome. Her big break came at a dinner party in Los Angeles, where, according to an interview she did ina casting agent spotted her joking with her boyfriend over the phone and asked if she'd ever acted before.

In her screen test for the role of Montana Wildhack in Slaughterhouse FivePerrine came in with no headshots to offer the producers, but at their request she wore one of her showgirl outfits, a G-string and skimpy bra, so they could see her figure.

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She got the part, naturally. In the movie, Perrine is a naked siren who seduces Michael Sacks's Billy Pilgrim by floating in a tub, her buoyant bare breasts on display. Years later, Perrine met Vonnegut at Elaine's in Manhattan, and he conveyed his pleasure with the cinematic adaptation. She was in the same situation a year later for Steambathwhere she was the lone female in a sauna that's really a waiting room for heaven.

Her nudity might valerie have been essential to the plot of either film, but the way she displayed herself was both performative and pioneering. The ease with which she inhabits her naked body onscreen is practically a blueprint for future generations of actresses.

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After years living in Europe, traipsing about St. Tropez in nothing but a G-string, she had no hangups about her body. That attitude helped land her the role of Honey Harlowe in Lenny. It's a pics role—Honey is a stripper, then a wife, then a junkie, then a mother, then a relapsed junkie. Her nuanced facial expressions and the way she holds glances with Hoffman give her fields a lived-in quality.

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The two complement each other intensely; Hoffman was nominated for an Oscar as well. The only problem was that Perrine was too good a dancer. She also gave a great performance in W. Fields and Me opposite Rod Steiger, who she calls newd photo of kim karashin "real jerk.

By the 90s, she had essentially disappeared from Hollywood, though she did resurface for a small role in Nancy Meyer's What Women Want in Maybe her shrinking from the public eye can be put down to her aversion to continue being merely a sex goddess. Even if her star faded with time, she left behind a sensational body of work, literally and naked.

When asked the key to surviving Hollywood, Perrine says with conviction, "Don't take it seriously.

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I'd do a film valerie then go off and run to Europe. And why would I? Even in the small pictures she made, she fines a way to stand out. Valerie this video fields her performing as Lillian Lorriane, one of Ziegfeld's legendary women, in the multimillion-dollar television spectacular Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women As a former Vegas showgirl, Perrine must have known many valerie like Lorraine: Yet pics plays the act with grace and poise, and fields all-knowing grin that says she's smart enough to know the difference between them and her.

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