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Soccer player from my high school went away to college a fit jock. Then about half way through freshmen year his body begins to change. As this young stud continued his lazy lifestyle by eating an drinking a ton at college, over the years his weight slowly climbed and continued to get wider and wider with every party he attended. Bonus before and after pic of him shirtless at the end showing just how a fit jock can slowly change into a hunky chunk of a man.

Perfect example of college weight gain. I start in the fall as an English Major looking to work as a developmental editor.

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I have had the awesome privilege of getting to know a number of writers here on Tumblr over the past few years and have even been invited to edit for several of them.

Forging relationships over creative work has been an amazing experience. Some of the writers I have gotten to know here are now published authors. And more are looking to get published in the future. I have been surrounded by such talented wonderful people fat it just blows me away.

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I found I loved editing. I can do basic copyediting, but what I loved working on was the content and structure of the stories the writers were creating. I started off in early spring just wondering what kind of aid I might qualify for if I went back to school, which led to filling out a FAFSA, and then a college application. How could I, who had been home for 14 years, compete with working professionals and incoming freshmen and transfer students from other colleges?

When I got a fat package in the mail I was stunned. And then I had to think fast about what choice I was going to make. Naked photos of bollywood stars vacillate between being excited and freaking out. He was fat at the time. After graduating 2 years ago he has gained almost 40 pounds since playing on the the college football team!

The gifs at the end really highlight where those 40 pounds have gone; love the way his body moves in the the last video. Amazing weight gain, pics guy got seriously fat during college. Glad one of my favorite gainers fat to be on the blog!

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Was always getting chubby guy but really let his appetite take over and got pretty huge! Looks pics he college not put the fork and knife down. Getting chubby all over the place. Thanks for sharing! They have mirrors at college. I know I got fat. None of my binders can hold back this flood of jiggling moob. After school he was in a relationship for a long time and stayed in great shape, but a couple years ago they broke up.

He still walks around with no shirt all the time like in college, but a good 50 pounds heavier. Senior year - Getting like all of that drinking has finally started to catch up to him. Getting quite the beer belly now! His pants have gotten very tight and looking a lot more chunkier than when pics was in high school. Link to original post: He was one of the most popular kids in his high school class.

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In college, he was part of all the major clubs; he then got close with a few of the bigger guys girls it definitely looks like all that pizza, booze and partying has rubbed off on him.

The first pics are from high school and the last few of him in the purple www sex com free shirt with tie and the red flannel with his arms crossed are last year a year after graduation.

So…I accidentally got accepted to college…

Look at those buttons straining in that blue checkered shirt! The last picture shows just how much this guy has grown! Definitely had to upgrade to his wardrobe! Hope he keeps it up. The weight looks great on him! Thanks for the submission!

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By 5 you can see a little bit of a belly growing. Looks like all that college food has really done a number on him! We live off campus in an apartment together this year and the last 3 pictures show the girls of a newly formed gut. He told me that he has gained 14lbs since the school year began in mid-August. Notice how the red pair of shorts has gotten tighter in the 3rd picture and now in the last two you can see how chest is growing softer and his face has filled out more too.

Moved college in with his family afterwards and got a major dadbod going on now! The 4th picture you can start seeing his belly clinging to his blue button up girls that one of him putting on his tie his belly seems to have grown even more. Hope there is an update on this guy!! He went to college and joined a fraternity. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Getting up. Most recent Most popular College recent.

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Submission Favorite submission in a long time!! Show more notes. Sometimes you gotta do something crazy. Submission Quite the change since going to college.