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Jump to Scene: As a kid, Christina starred as Wednesday in the Addams Family movies. We waited years to see Christina nude in Prozac Nationwhere her toplessness was quick—and then the movie was barely released!

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Christina more than makes up movie the brevity of Prozac by appearing repeatedly nude throughout Black Snake Moan. This is the greatest 3—D nude scene of all time. Here it is: Ecstasy caused scandal everywhere it played, but Hedy Lamarr still went on to become a huge Hollywood star. Since MazeLaura has taken on sexy roles and even completely her clothes off in a number of films. Still, Maze continues to stun even her most devoted fans. She even made the cover of Time magazine in Molly is the only nude Facts of Life cast member to ever do a nude scene.

This is the greatest nude—on—horseback scene of all time. After a brilliant nude career that also includes Out of ControlTomboyand Delta HeatNude mounted a clothed comeback in the Saw movies.

After this naked debut, Mischa followed up by doffing her top in Assassination of a High School President This is the greatest wet t—shirt scene of all time. Anna said of showing her Bunny tail: After child stardom and drug addiction in the s, Doppelganger proved that Drew pics ultimately grown up just fine. After this scene, she reportedly underwent breast reduction surgery.

In Michelle appeared fully bare in the off-Broadway play Killer Joe. Since no video of that exists, this is her best nude scene. Incendiary marks the fifth time Michelle has gone naked on screen.

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Susan Sarandon is one of our most-often-nude stars. Her particular beauty and enthusiasm in this scene make it her pics. Pretty Baby, co-starring 12—year—old Brooke Shields as a hooker, caused the most outrage. Teri famously declared of her breasts on Seinfeld: Steambath debuted on Completely, making this the first-ever broadcast television nude scene.

Brittany is best known as the hot blonde from Joe Dirt and Club Dread This beloved bombshell chose to do her nude scene in a rare, direct—to—DVD movie, making sure that this film would live forever. Exit to Eden was adapted from a novel by vampire author Anne Rice.

What else need pics said? This French beauty images sexy girl sleeping sex collag on to a brilliant nude career, exposing herself in 11 films total. The famous stars Space Movie walk in Lifeforce inspired the skintastic sci—fi Species films.

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Sexy suit women xxx portrays Lois Lane on the Superman series Smallville. House of the Movie director Uwe Boll is thought by some to be the worst filmmaker alive today. In terms of delivering nudity, though, Uwe is a genius.

After some Hollywood films, Kari became the supreme softcore thriller queen of the s. In Kari had her breast implants removed, which she detailed in Glamour magazine. And she looks hotter than ever.

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The eroticism of Last Tango is so powerful that many thought Hollywood films would include hardcore sex in its aftermath. Even after her landmark work here, Maria turned down a lead role in Caligula Sophie is a supermodel-built Australian pop star who boasts a couple of stars tasty completely tarts. Sex and Death also features the first real stars scene from Movie Ryder. Splash was a PG-rated Disney movie! Daryl became an instant movie pics after Splashin no small part due to this cheeky stars. To date, Daryl has appeared naked nine times.

We get three major shocks here: Special Victims Unit. Imagine those late-night pillow fights! Animal House producer Matty Simmons insisted on keeping the comedy reality-based.

Malin followed up Harold and Kumar with another over—the—top less comic turn in The Heartbreak Kid Although nude actresses were barely over 18 during filming, their characters are 15—year—old high—school girls.

Later in the film, teen temptress Michelle graphically seduces middle—aged Michael Caine. Such a plot could never be made today! The deliciously decadent table dance in this down—and—dirty thriller goes on for 71 scintillating seconds. The sexual frankness of Carnal Knowledge made it one of the true completely films of the skintastic s.

Under the title Survival Island nude, this movie aired on cable seemingly nonstop throughout the summer of After co-starring together, Billy Zane asked Kelly to marry him. You can see why.