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Jan 15, - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: What started with Pitch Black inwent on to become a franchise that centers on the character of Riddick, embodied by Vin Diesel. The first film was a dark survival thriller that hinted that there's more to that muscular criminal with the night vision eyes. For this, a totally different story path was chosen and a change of style was designed, elevating the character into a mystic epic with many fantasy elements and political intrigues within the ranks women the mighty Necromonger race.

No surprise that years went by without a new film with the character being on the horizon. It took Vin Diesel's personal initiative that a third movie has come to life. This one is simply called Riddick and goes back to the roots. After Riddick became the new leader of the Necromongers, his life hasn't become that much better women he just wants back to his home planet Furya.

However, he gets betrayed and is left alone on a deserted planet that offers a lot of danger from the wildlife as we see in the first 20 minutes of the movie, almost without dialogue, which riddick easily the most impressive sequence of the entire film. As mercenaries want a piece of him once again, he has previous experiences on his side - an advantage that his unplanned companions do not have.

As we see, the recipe riddick resembles the one from Pitch Black but has better effects and grabs the viewer's attention because he has a way better idea of who Riddick is. Still no outright hit but possibly an riddick for Diesel if he should ever plan to convince a studio of the necessity to do a 4th film.

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Director David Twohy hinted prior to the theatrical release date that the home video releases could contain a longer version of the survival thriller. It was supposed to contain more of the mythology in the sexy hd gif pussy. The movie's first cut clocked in at 2 hours 20 minutes, a runtime that is unsuitable for most of today's cinema films. Twohy shortened it until it reached the desired 2 hour-mark women promised to enrich the Unrated Extended Cut with some of that material.

And that's what he did.

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While the theatrical version is quite short on nude matter that Riddick left the Necromonger nude, the Extended Cut shows that for him staying on wasn't really a life-prolonging option. And the ending was also notably prepared for the theoretical possibility that a 4th film could riddick the story in Chronicles of Riddick directions once again.

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It remains to be seen if that ever happens but in the meantime, fans of Riddick can raise their hopes a little more with the Extended Cut of the film that makes another adventure of their hero more plausible. For those viewers that "just watch" women film, the longer version does make the film somewhat more structured and round.

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If you want to purchase the Extended Cut of the film, make sure to grab the Blu-ray since the DVD only contains the theatrical cut. Alternate Monologue 0: The UR has nude minor extension in Riddick's monologue.

But why didn't I see it? Of course they were gonna try to kill me. Death is what they do for a living.

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So the question ain't "what happened". The question is "what bound in bondage to me"? Why didn't I see it? Vaako can be seen in the ceremonial hall and Riddick says: Then we see him standing at a panel while Vaako observes him from a different corner of the room.

Riddick's off-commentary: Some new place.

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Or maybe just an old one. But how do you find something that you've never seen? Theatrical Cut: While the naked women lie on the bed, Riddick sits on his throne and drinks. In the off-commentary, he says that he couldn't really agree with the oath that every Lord Marshall has to swear which led to several assassination attempts. Then Vaako enters and we see Riddick standing at the window. We now hear that Riddick thinks about going to another planet. The talk between him and Vaako and how he wants to go to Furya is much shorter but has the same essence.

Vaako knows the way to Furya but wants Riddicks crown in exchange for it.

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As that is settled, the scene on the deserted planet begins. Once again the naked women on the bed but no off-commentary by Riddick. He sits on his throne and one of his concubines approaches him. She says she is under the impression that he never sleeps and he replies that it's hard to sleep when there's so much distraction shot of naked women on the bed. She asks him what the way to a man's heart is. According to Riddick, that nude be between the 4th and 5th rib, at least that's the way he goes every time and just to make sure, he twists the knife afterwards.

She tells him that the assassins are after his head because he isn't a believer and that they would never allow that he leads them into the underverse. They think that something is wrong with him, that he's a cursed, unholy man. Riddick asks dryly what he's supposed to do when he was born this way. After that, the concubine asks whether the guards are still in front of the door and Riddick checks it out.

As he looks through the door, the woman gets a knife and runs towards Riddick. Another woman screams to warn him but it's too late, the blade penetrates Riddick's upper body.