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If not, watch it here ASAP. In the interview that accompanies her pics badass photo shoot, Denise crosby getting fucked, 22, revealed that she has a skin condition called granuloma annulare. Ohashi said the condition doesn't affect her, but that people will ask her about it. She added that she used to feel "ashamed" of the marks, and that she "didn't like posting pictures in my swimsuit or showing my stomach.

But now, Ohashi feels a sort of duty to share her condition. And in doing so, she's also helped others do the same.

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Why should we have to hide? I Have Vitiligo.

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The condition moms not cancerous or contagious, per the GARD. The rashes associated with granuloma annulare don't usually cause itching and pain, and can clear without leaving any scarring. While the cause of granuloma annulare is still unknown, researchers believe it may be triggered by an immune or inflammatory response, per the GARD. But the condition has also been known to follow insect bites, sun exposure, tattoos, and infections, among other things.

If symptoms are present, treatment options include topical steroid creams to reduce the inflammation, cryotherapy aka, freezing the lesionsand laser or light therapy.

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