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Rappers have a strange track record of taking their clothes off.

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And we're not talking ripping your shirt off in the moment during a concert. Over the years, rappers have found themselves appearing in sex tapes, nude spreads and sexting incidents gone wrong. XXL has compiled a list of the incidents in which rappers were caught in the buff.

Things got heated in Queen Vixen vs. Ms Hustle battle.

Infootage surfaced of DMX being caught on a security camera running around naked at a hotel in Detroit. InBig Nude Kane nude the pages of erotic, semi-pornographic magazine, Playgirl. Although Kane's naughty bits were tastefully concealed by a box of images, Kane is seen fully nude in several of the photos.

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Eve's Blackmailed Sex Tape. Released images the wake of a blackmailing rapper involving an old boyfriend, a sex tape was leaked featured Eve masturbating in front kim possible rough sex camera back in her Ruff Ryders Days.

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Benzino's Leaked Game Photos. Rapper star taking a nudie selfie of himself leaked on the internet. Although, Chief Keef game seems to be perpetually shirtless, Keef posted a photo of himself receiving oral sex from a young woman on Instagram in September Keef found himself in hot water as he was underaged at the time of the photo and the pic was in violation of Instagram's terms of service leading to the suspension of his account. One of the steadfast rules of the universe ist that if you take a photo of yourself in the nude, it will leak online.

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After being shot in the hip in Los Angeles on June 12,the Compton rapper erased his Instagram account and decided to start over by posting a nearly nude selfie of his bandaged up recuperation. Tyga's Naked Pictures Leak Online.

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