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Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Jul 20, 1. People in the comments were upset saying Morgan was being petty.

Advetures in the Wolfden Morgan State Sextape: Free Porn 70

It gets worse. The knob is unprotected in the vid. Bears, did you know health officials are tracking record-breaking rates of STDs? Last edited: Jul 20, Thanks x 18 LOL! Jul 20, 2. Jul 20, 3. Jul 20, milf solo dildo sex gif. I hot horny milfs think they're being inappropriate.

I guess they feel that sometimes you have to speak the young people's language. Overall, I think it's good to remind these dummies that shit tape put on the internet now can come back to bite you in the ass in the future when future employers or customers don't want to work with the I fucked a porn star bragger.

Morgan when that one night stand you was bragging about turns into a lifelong battle with HIV, which while better treatments are available, can seriously diminish your ability of getting a future partner.

At the very least they can't say no one warned them. Thanks x 65 Hugs! Jul 20, 5. Thanks x 6 LOL!

Jul 20, 6. Morgan PWI wouldn't have cared enough to warn you. Thanks tape 27 LOL!

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Jul 20, 7. Thanks x Jul 20, 8.

Thanks x 6. Jul 20, 9. I thought Morgan's post about being responsible with social media posting was the standard type of thing a college would and should post. Then I saw the comments and realized the posts were addressing something. I think it's good for colleges, and especially HBCUs, to remind students their social media conduct will follow them. Plus what he was posting about was reckless and risky. Now I really get why the school felt they needed to say something publicly. He's made himself an amateur p0rn star and put his health at risk and for what?

Thanks x 29 Sad x 1. I love it. Most campuses that aren't religious based have vigorous sexual health programs. I'd be shocked if Morgan did not. It seems they went to social media because that's how the student chose to communicate and the college's name was included in his story. Thanks x 9. I didn't know the student made a full-on sex tape with Teanna.

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Thanks x 5 WTF! Thanks x 6 WTF!

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Morgan state aint wrong new all. Sex x 5. Sex x 1. In this social media age, a lot of these young kids are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. The school did the right thing by reaching out on social media, because that way the young man and others will see it. Thanks x 8. When I new Teanna say she moved to Baltimore because she wanted to live in the hood I knew it was going to end up bad for her lol.

There are some people who shouldn't have internet access. Thanks x state. Jul 21, This is a bad look for the Nigerian community Tossin do better. Jul 28, Aug 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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