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Yes, Shirley Temple was unfortunately sexualized from a very shirley age. As a temple, she appeared in a series pictures "Baby Burlesque" films. Although in most films she did not appear nude, she was placed into inappropriate roles. For instance, she was a four year old prostitute naked Polly Tix in Washington. She spoke out as an adult and said that when the did not do what they were asked to on set, they were forced to sit on ice in a windowless box. However, in a very hard to find movie poster for "What is it?

She had a Nazi emblem over her shoulder. The film is not listed on IMDb or pictures most movie naked due to content.

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Luckily, as years passed, this film became recognized as very unethical. It appears she suffered a good deal of unwanted attentions from men as a child. It is reported that at the age of 12, a film executive showed her his genitals. Unsure of what to do, she giggled, and he threw her from his office.

As far as her adult years, she did not do any nude films or photo shoots. It seems when she hit an age to have a choice in the matter, she did not choose to continue the type of films she had been forced into. YesIn the film Doctor Faustus,though not frontal but she was completely nude filmed from back. The pictures fromwhere he was pictured nude on his L. A home shown his penis length about 4 inches.

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