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Forgot your password? Reminds me of the Rhino we came across one night ride.

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Naked girl was giving the guy a hummer naked we glamis up to check if they were ok. I heard hummer's don't do girls in the sand. Did that to a buddy and his girl. Told us they were tired an going to head to camp. An hour later we gone rolling over a dune lighting up the bowl they were in bright as day giving her no where to hide.

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It's like surfingsnow skiing and riding motocross all at the same time, while on a roller coaster. It is one of the places where your senses naked to naked on girls an edge your mind goes quiet, You find yourself sitting on or in a machine that is producing almost decibels and suddenly you can hear only your heart beat. Nothing goes thru your mind except what you are doing it is a true zen like experience. Why you gotta be all mean and stuff!

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A question that allows us to open doors within ourselves and walk through and explore. The doors might creek a little, they might have been closed for a very long time. One simple question Girlfriend came home tonight after pic nude petite chubby teen out and wearing a glamis shirt.

Stranger asked her what is Girls while they were checking out at the grocery store. Her impression and explanation made me wonder what others say or how they explain Glamis.

Glory Days of Glamis

I know I've been asked a number of times. Ainette stephens porno fake explains it as super fun, like a roller coaster, it's big sand dunes up and down and sideways but without any tracks. It's camping with friends, family, fire and fun. How do you explain what Glamis is. To me it's a release. It's a breakaway from the daily grind. It's nature when you don't expect it, it's challenging at times yet peaceful when you look for it.

It's huge sand dunes and fast rides. It's slow rides and counting butterflies. It's avoiding bushes yet smiling at the dried flower you find in August when prepping for the season. Brought out what The Enlightenment of Glamis is all about. YOU are the folks with the stories, many, if not all, are filled with extreme emotions, both up and down. Explaining to someone why something is so beautiful, yet dangerous, is hard, cuz selling emotions is hard.

Everybody's is different. The experience you have in your mind when you have your helmet strapped and only the sound of the engine fills your head as you move forward; you are in your own world. Or the time at the fire, when it was just you and Or, standing on that dune at sunset, with the wind blowing hard, and all I thought of was Well, you get it How do you encompass that? A story, a statement, pros, picture?

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Glamis not that hard to do, it's your story, it's your emotions, you are the enlightenment. And this is Slappy's favorite thread, in a long while.

Slap loves reading your stories and feeling your feelings. It has tickled Slap's G bone as he chews cherry taffy, skippin down the road as his toes tippy tappy. This is what Slappy's Neighborhood is all about. Is glamis slapptacious question Grease, well done. Thanks for sharing in Slap's Hood, it got Slap thinkin hard, about the good stuff You is a Slappy Favorite. You are welcomed and encouraged to drop by Slap's Hood any time you feel, the door is always open.

Love this thread Love all the comments just as much I been Going to Glamis since 74 and to me it is all the things you all described and ever changing Its NOT for everyone just glamis other Hobbies arent for everyone Sunsets and sunrises Friends and Family Kids growing go up and taking their Kids its all amazing Everyone said like a rollercoater but to me the beauty is the ride changes with every different naked because you experience what the leader wants you too.

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Good and Bad. Like I said before Great thread and I like that there are No wrong answers here because It means something different to each of us and thats the Beauty of it. Great descriptions right here! She is called mother G for a reason. She can be a kind loving woman who starts out nice and slow and then works you up until you are out of breath girls on you back not sure what the hell just happened but knowing you need A LOT more of it.

Or she can be an evil bitch that strips you of your dignity, pride and money. When you stop in the middle somewhere, usually at mid level between the big stuff and flagpole and look around, it's like "jeez I'm on a different planet"