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Another win for the PediMom Village. We were successful in getting this cartoon pulled from YouTube just like the last one. My recording girl it is still able to be viewed below. The second video is from YouTube Kids. Seven months ago a concerned mother alerted me to a cartoon on YouTube Kids that had a clip of a man spliced in showing how to properly slit their wrists.

She noticed it while sitting with her young child trying to stop his nosebleed. This mother shared her story here.

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With a significant amount of effort we were able to get that cartoon pulled from Sex Kids. In looking back at the comments it appears that people began reporting this video approximately 8 months ago, yet it is still able to be viewed. Click on the video below to go directly to the video on YouTube and report.

As of the time of this publication the video is still up despite hundreds of reports. The offending clip is at 4. The video has been removed from YouTube! Exposure to videos, photos, and other self-harm and suicidal promoting content is a huge problem that our children are facing today. Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death in individuals between the ages of 10 and 34 and the numbers of children exhibiting some form of self-harm is growing rapidly.

Many experts believe that access to self-harm and suicide promoting content is making the situation worse. There have been several recent reports of teens commiting suicide after viewing self-harm and suicide material online and on social media platforms. Recording and more researchers are starting to look into how access to this type of material is linked to self-harm and suicide in adolescents.

One such study has just been commissioned and will hopefully give us some good insight into this issue. But we have to start doing something NOW and we should start by educating ourselves, educating our children, and speaking up when we see something that is dangerous for our children. Click here to try the Bark App for free! We may receive brother and sister nude photo galery commission for purchases made through these links.

Thanks for your vigilance in working to keep our kids safe!

I sleep better at night knowing you are out there. Keep up the great work!

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Hello I am a 13 year boy who know that man never agreed to be in it. That man is George miller, aka Filthy Frank. He was a youtuber who did edgy videos but he never ever wanted to do harm. Thank u young. Umm actually he says end it a the end. And not mean harm then why did he give the right way to end your life? Totally own and not funny at all. I think anyone suggesting that something like this is akin to a kid finding Comedy Central on tv and For the sake of argument watching a South Park episode. Virtually any one in my age young will tell you that watching Comedy Central covertly as little kids was basically a national pasttime.

This is just absolutely disturbing. I get that this creepy dude does video comedy, and uses an adult platform is owed the presumption of innocence. But, I really want to know who is behind this. It is beyond unsettling. Could have fooled me, though. I appreciate Own. Hi, I am a mom of 3 boys ages 12, 10 and 8. In video last couple weeks they have all started talking recording every touchy subject in such a careless, joking matter and truly laughing about it.

Like rape, murder and suicide. Then shortly after the never ending jokes came disrespect sex the way they would talk to me which carried on girl pretty much every adult they come into contact with now. Now they are having non stop fist fights and wrestling, avid rebellion, major mood swings and worst of all, I just got home with my 8 year old from the hospital for trying to hurt himself after telling his brother he was going to commit suicide.

I literally had to wrap my arms and legs around my son to stop him from punching his own face for 30 minutes. He would be so angry he would just have tears dropping then get lethargic and once reached for a weapon. He is 8.

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I even have Family Link through Google. And if you sexy valleyball girl fucked heard of MoMo…. God Bless America, google it. This thing by far needs to be stopped. It will bypass parental locks freeing them to unlimited searching and data. Then have them add contact phone number. Then sends your child text messages with tasks.

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Violent tasks. Causing harm to themselves, family and friends. I thought this could have been what was causing the changes in my children but there is nothing but youtube videos and violent games and Jeffey. Which I despise the makers of that show to.

How dare them. I have ran a small test.

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To see the amount of positive learning material vs negative that pops up with varieties to keep them interested and unless they like monotone documentaries or toddler learning shows there is not much to chose from. But death and suicide literature can be watched with variety for over 12 hrs. And I only searched for 5 minutes. Where did the love of our next generation go. How do so many people let this go on.

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If what I say makes you mad so be it. My 8 year old should not be experiencing these emotions. He should be learning the animals deal in the ocean. Or how to free Willie.

#YouTubeWakeUp, #ProtectOurKids - PediMom

What the hell!!!!! This sounds incredibly disturbing and something we have not come across before!! As stated in my other blog posts these things are found on YouTube Kids as well, including this very cartoon.