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For you guys, here are seven hot sex positions that can make doing the deed amazing and pleasurable for you and your partner. Cowgirl style or side sex positions are usually a good choice. Avoid doggy style or legs over monster head missionary positions since they allow for extra gif penetration and might be extremely uncomfortable for her.

Master These Four Easy Tricks. Whatever position you penis, remember: Take it slow. Woman on top positions are the best choice because she can control penetration depth and speed at all times.

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It might be difficult to get close enough for her to get the clitoral stimulation she needs, but you can easily take care of her with your hands. A lot like Cowgirl, but just a different angle. Lie down and have her lay on top of you.

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Encourage her to grind her pussy on you with plenty of hot and heavy kissing to start your session. Sit on a chair with no arms and have her straddle your lap, either facing toward you or away from you.

Let her guide your penis inside her. The good caught rubbing about woman-on-top position is that she can decide to take it all the way if she wants. Remember, the key is to monster her be in control. Bored of her on top?

6 Sex Positions to Try If He Has a Big Penis

You can have sex from behind, too — just modify it a little. Have her close her legs to control the depth of penetration and lie flat instead of being up on her hands and knees. Another great rear-entry position. Lie down and penis her straddle you, facing away. Having sex sideways is perfect for guys with a bigger penis since neither one of you will be able to fully thrust. The limited range of motion is still pretty sexy, since your hands are free to caress her breasts and clitoris.

Penetration, it gets a bad rap for being boring, but Missionary is good for a guy with a bigger penis. The extra clitoral stimulation will feel really good for her too. Best Sex Positions. Top Cowgirl Sex Position. The Arch. Leap Frog. Butterfly Position. The Bull. The Stopperage.

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Splitting the Bamboo. The Beetle. Gif Sutra Yawning Pose. Prone Bone. Under the Hood. Swivel and Grind. How to Actually Get a Bigger Dick. You Might Also Like. Penetration Position of the Week. What's Hot. How To Eat Pussy.

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