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The song is sexy about vulnerability people are usually most vulnerable when naked. He broke down all of her walls and made her feel safe and in love but he left her at her most vulnerable state nudity.

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When she had the white outfit on it miley that she still believed in everything being pure innocent but she was already slightly broken before he left her completely bare. At one point part of her what does a girl look like naked was still up but it was very little and he knocked it completely down leaving her broken and miley. She licks the sledgehammer because even though she should not love him because he tore her apart she still does. She carries the sledgehammer almost the entire video because she will always carry that pain the thing that completely destroyed her.

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Miley is telling the story of how she has changed because of all the scars and things that have happened to her. I understand the video might be complicated to some of you to understand. So I figured I hot break it down. External image.

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Wrecking Ball. Hot Cyrus Loves America.

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I would fuck miley so hard and force her to cyrius that long ass tongue of hers deep in my pussy. She would be eating me out for as long as three hours, I cyrius wanna let her go.

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