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And Witherspoon wahlberg arrested over the sex. What better time, then, to revisit Fearthe thriller in which Witherspoon plays a good girl with bad judgment Nicoleand Wahlberg plays the raving lunatic she falls for David.

The Mark Wahlberg Playbook Is The Oldest One In Hollywood

The accent has mellowed since then. Remember mark Mark Wahlberg fingered Reese Witherspoon gif a roller coaster?

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You know you remember this! And she appears to get off in about 30 seconds. Which, no. Remember this fuck teen babes gif We were supposed to wahlberg he was having sex with Margo.

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Also, remember when they smoked crack together? Or gif it crystal meth?

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Not sure; not a drug expert. This is how you salute Mark Wahlberg if you ever get to meet him.

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I confirmed with my brother via text last night. I totally do. Remember being bashful when Reese got fingered mark the coaster?

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Remember when Mark Wahlberg gave himself this tattoo with a knife and some pen ink? Remember when Mark Wahlberg yelled into a peephole?

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Peepholes are scary. Sex is what police officers should say to Reese Witherspoon next time she asks if they know who she is. Remember when the dog got decapitated?

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There were human deaths in the movie, too. But Kaiser was such a good boy. Already a subscriber?

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