Male masturbation in college

Her areas of expertise include music, literature, and how the arts reflect society. That's exactly how Dwayne, 20 and an Ivy League junior, first experienced college life.

At home with my parents I had my own room and had all the privacy I wanted or needed. All of a sudden, college I am on this big, impersonal campus in a large city, rooming with 4 guys I had never met before. The thenyear-old Dwayne could no longer go masturbation the shower to the bedroom in the buff. He could no longer play his favorite music at top volume. And — perhaps most distressing to him — he could no longer spontaneously masturbate.

Someone could walk in on me. Mostly, I started doing it in the shower. My roommate had gone out on a date, which apparently did not go very well, because he came back around I was lying there, buck naked, masturbating.


When I heard the key in the door, I practically ejaculated right then and there from nerves! I was able to jump up and grab a towel and throw it around my waist. When desi village naked free pics roommate came in, I pretended I had just gotten out of the shower.

To this day I wonder if he thought it was strange that I wasn't wet! It's a good thing he didn't ask any questions. Jerry, 19, has taken the risk of getting "caught" one step farther.

Healthy Strokes - Masturbating in college dorms

He finds secluded public places masturbation his campus girls naked tennis porn whip it out. It's a few flights down from the main library and rather dark. One evening I was going through some magazines for a research assignment and realized I was completely alone.

I was feeling sort of horny, so I sat down on the floor, undid my jeans, and masturbated right there. I kept the male nearby the college time so if I heard anyone coming I could easily throw it over my lap.

For College Guys, Masturbating Is Like Eating McDonald’s | Her Campus

Nobody made it more than a couple of days. Two guys would go with him as witnesses — and also as spotters to warn the guy if someone was coming. Some female college students are also getting into the act of semi-public masturbation. Pam says that when she was in college, she discovered a bunch of empty classrooms down a secluded hallway. In college, especially if you're in a competitive program, focusing on masturbation studies takes time and attention away from the mating game. But what about college students who do date, either casually or in a steady relationship?

How do "significant others" react to the masturbation issue? I thought you should know that I masturbate. Please pass the salt. But in a casual dating situation, why would I? I've never been on a first date with a woman who started talking about her menstrual cycle!

She didn't seem to mind, so she stroked me until I ejaculated. And then afterwards she asked me if I really enjoyed it — like, as if I was going to say no! I told her it this was something I do to myself quite a bit, and that it was very special to be able to share it with her.

Issues of masturbatory privacy: Dorms and other shared living arrangements

College evening I had masturbated and just fell asleep, without even getting up to clean up. Apparently my girlfriend decided she wanted to surprise me by coming over really late, so I heard this loud gasp or whatever, and I suddenly woke up, and there she was looking at me! I wasn't even covered. I think she thought of it as being unfaithful in some ways — like she wasn't satisfying me enough so I had to take care of things myself. She kept asking me over and over, 'Why couldn't you come to me for that? Some college men, especially those in fraternities, are stereotypically thought of as male lotharios, using women as sexual conquest.

But this isn't true of everyone. Masturbating helps me release my feelings and tensions in a totally private, harmless way.

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Do you find yourself masturbating more often during some seasons than others? Answer this question Suggest a question. Heading off to college can change a person's masturbation routine.

How do college students handle it? Good thing he didn't ask any questions. Do you masturbate to make yourself feel good, or to try and imitate sex? Older polls.