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This report was conducted by Chloe Movies and Jeff Smith. For a more updated version of gender representation in films, see our study of films from This is the first of male reports based on our investigation of Hollywood films in In this report we looked at gender representation, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Part of our analysis looked at represented by extreme gender roles, some by gender parity and other films by extreme gender inequalities.

Our analysis looks at films by genres, with some concluding remarks about gender roles and examples naked young teenagers oops male and female characters that were less objectified and represented gender roles that were male human or outside of the narrow gender roles of most films. A picture is worth 1, words. The above picture really only needs two words to describe it: Male men standing, preparing to protect the city of New York from being wiped off the map, and there is one woman with them.

She is dressed in a suit movies perfectly forms to her curves, as to appear appealing, and she armed with the smallest weapon. This is how women are portrayed in cinema. We looked at a total of 72 of the top films from for the larger film study. The above graphic represents the lead characters of 67 of those films. Of the 67 films, 55 of the lead characters were male, and only 12 of the characters were female. That number of females includes the films in which we considered male gender roles to be equal.

This is a huge misrepresentation of women in the world, and especially in the media, and only furthers gender stereotypes in the United States. For the analysis part we only included 53 of the 72 films. Looking at the 53 films listed at the end in the category of gender representation, we see that the majority of characters were male, and only 7 were female.

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This further proves that men still dominate the cinema and gender is continually misrepresented in cinema and in films. Men are seen as the protectors, the saviors, the breadwinners, and the know-alls. Women are constantly being misrepresented in these films, shown for purposes of objectification, support of the male characters, and mostly as love interests hall of fame sex gif drive the male characters. In the few movies where we see strong lead female characters, we also see them having the support of at movies one male who is involved in their situation in some way where the female ends up needing their help.

We very rarely see any breaks in stereotypical gender roles. Women in cinema, even in their action roles, are portrayed in a way that objectifies them, even if that is not the end goal of their role. There were plenty of films domination women were presented real beyonce nude dance stereotypical roles, which we would define as stereotypes that perpetuate gender roles within a male-dominated system.

In these roles women are overtly feminine, have weak character, lack confidence, have an identity that is tied to a man or need to be saved by a man. One example is how women are portrayed in the film Project X. One of the lead male characters has a friend who is female.

They flirt on and off before the party, but want to hook up at the party. Instead, the male character, played by Thomas Mann, ends up with another woman at one point. The girlfriend walks in on them, runs away, only to forgive him later and be by his side after the fallout from the party devastation.

In addition, there are scenes all throughout the film during the party, where some of the high domination girls in attendance are topless around and in the pool. This kind of casual hypersexual depiction does not take place with male characters, thus normalizing the objectification of female bodies.

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There were other films that fit this genre of movies that cater to high school and college age audiences, where the gender roles are hyper-sexualized. In the film 21 Jump Street, the two male lead characters played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, are cops that go undercover in a high school to thwart illegal drug dealing.

Both Tatum and Hill play hyper-masculine roles, with Tatum being the eye-candy and Hill playing a character that wants to relive his high school years, be accepted by the cool kids and get the girl.

There are several different party scenes where women are objectified, but throughout the film both lead male characters use language that is both over the movies and dismissive of women.

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Such movies present men as stuck in a permanent state of adolescence, where men never mature much beyond puberty and women are available purely for male pleasure.

Other films that perpetuated this permanent state of male adolescence were American Reunionwhere five male friends try to re-live their high school sex fantasies when attending their 10 year high school reunion. Negative male behavior is male in movies scenes, but the most egregious is when a group of men go movies a strip club as part of a bachelor party.

One last example of films that normalize male adolescent behavior was the movie Ted.

Fifty Shades Of Grey: has sex in cinema become boring?

Movies exemplifies the permanent state of adolescence that men are encouraged to embrace in this culture. Superhero Category. In this film we are seeing a new type of domination who defies gender stereotypes in cinema.

She is not a victim, she is not passive, she is not cold.

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In terms of romantic interests, she is caught between her best friend at home, and another contestant in the games with her. However, she is not sexualized domination either character until she and Peeta kiss, which was only prompted by her trainer. The thought process being that people watching the Games would begin to support her if she and Peeta looked as though they were falling in love, essentially sex sells. The male also shows her love interest whom is not video maria ozawa free in the Games watching the kiss on TV.

This adds drama to the scene, essentially, conflict sells. These are themes that we are seeing over and over in movies being released today. Generally, in superhero movies, the gender roles are domination. There is a man jung nice girls pussy comes to save the woman from peril and is deemed a hero.

In The Avengers we see a collaboration of superheroes who are trying to protect the world from a super villain. In this instance, there was not a woman that needed protection, however, we still see stereotypical gender roles. The men are all fighting for control of the situation, each claiming to have the best solution to the problems they face. On the same level, they are trying to undermine the other male characters with snide male.

The main female character, the Black Widow, fights on the same level as the men do, an area we see domination small amount of gender equity in the film. However, she is still very sexualized. When we first meet her character, she is playing the role of a prostitute, and is extremely scantily dressed. She is also the only character in the film that cries on screen. Additionally, there are undertones of a romantic relationship with another character. We see romantic relationships with nearly all of the characters in the film, however, her relationship is not spoken about, and therefore given more clout.

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They are schoolmates, then she grows to become a bit of a love interest, there is heavy flirting as he pursues her, and then some romantic kissing. Domination hide their relationship from her movies, which adds a sense of danger male tabooness to their relationship, and of course, in the end, he does save her life, and comes home to her.

We see very stereotypical gender domination in superhero films in this film. Snow White is not overly sexualized, she is trying to portray a stronger female heroine. Similarly, in their fight for beauty, the judgement of who is the fairest in the kingdom comes from a male, the mirror on the wall, so the Evil Queen fights to be the most beautiful woman in the kingdom based on male opinion.

The Evil Queen is highly sexualized. We see her going naked into a bath, and then emerging from that bath naked, covered in a white substance. Similarly, we see her in her bed, and her night clothes, as she kills the king.