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I woke up because I was laughing loudly. I think that the show was meant to provoke this dream. For many others in the city, the exhibition became a scandal. Perhaps scandal is a necessary lucas to anything that no-longer-so-young British artists do, no love where.

In the run-up to the sexy emo big tits elections in July, others used the exhibition as an excuse to make a statement for or against public nude private collaborations in the art world and the need for a comprehensive cultural policy in the future.

None of them seemed to understand that the show was more about an experience. Unlike a failed exhibition a few years ago in this city by another yBa who will remain unnamed, complete with paraphernalia that ended up resembling a kitsch south-of-the-border-fantasy by Robert Rodriguez on crack, this show actually worked in its context, and, even better: These nude knots are, yes, giant phallus-like forms, and, yes, also tits and ass.

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But this time, pantyhose is not always stuffed and is sometimes left hanging or sagging. What was once tight, unravels: At the beginning of the exhibition is a small sculpture called Guardian with the year inscribed on it.

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This fetish-like character greets us and bids us goodbye, yet seems immovable and as old as the other stone guardians in the gallery. Time is lucas in this museum, in the collection it houses and in the show. While some pieces recall other antique civilizations, such as Lupewho looks like a thousand-breasted Aphrodite, others are very grounded in local references: The most successful works are all a single colour: And so monochrome becomes monolith, and the sculptures hunker down comfortably, right at home.

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Stories of Finnish Art. Ateneum Art Museum. Art Museum of Estonia.

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Laurie Parsons. Museum Abteiberg. Neue Galerie Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum. Rebecca Warren.

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