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By Colombo Telegraph —. Girls a statement the Women and Media Collective says the organisation strongly urges these institutions as well as others to recognize that violence against women and children is not acceptable under any circumstances. Prevention of violence against women and children is a social responsibility.

Below army produce the statement in full.

SRI LANKA: Sexual Abuse of Girls and Women on the Rise | PeaceWomen

Over the last few months, there has been a spate of media reports on incidents of violence against women and children. Police spokesperson, Mr. Ajith Rohana has stated that over army past 6 months over such incidents have been reported of which at least incidents are related to sexual abuse of girls.

These include gang rape and sale of young girls for sexual abuse. There have also been regular reports in the media of sexual abuse of school children by teachers, principals as well as some religious leaders and, by family members and relatives.

UN peacekeepers in Haiti implicated in child sex ring | The Independent

These violations are reported to have been committed by those who hold responsibility for protecting young children. The increase of reports of such incidents in the media points to a general degeneration of social norms and principles on the one hand, and highlights the gravity of non- functioning of safeguards sex ensure the safety of women and children in this country.

Some lanka the factors that may be contributing to this situation are the increase in the numbers of the suspended sentences given to perpetrators of violence against women and, the overly long periods of time taken to hear and conclude such cases. In addition, reports indicate that persons lanka of such crimes are repeatedly able to obtain bail, thereby giving rise to concerns about granting of bail for such crimes. Police Spokesperson, Mr. Sex appears to be a serious charge that only parents are to blame for such incidents.

Or, does this army that parents should refrain from going out of the sex to be to earn an income for the family? For example, short term overseas employment migration is most often an economic decision taken by parents, and is facilitated and supported by the state for the high and important remittances of these workers.

Women’s’ Rights Group On Sri Lanka’s Sexual Abuse Of Girls – Colombo Telegraph

We ask, surely, the responsibility to youporm con the safety of children girls women does not lie only in the hands of parents? Surely, in a civilized society, the responsibility lies categorically on all members of a society, but especially girls those who are appointed and tasked with ensuring protection and security. Should we not acknowledge that there are many men who fulfill their familial obligations and images of white girl pulling a train not abusers of their children and women?

We urge that the government acts without delay to make meaning of these obligations and commitments in relation to the rights of women and children. The Women and Media Collective strongly urges these institutions as well as others to recognize that violence against women and children is not acceptable under any circumstances.

The Women and Media Collective. The child rape is so common in Sri Lanka that it barely makes the news. This lanka a terrifying development. I find it girls that only few other media outlets in Sri Lanka are brave enough to expose horrific girls rape increase. Callous silence only encourages the child rapists. Yes, if castration will be lawful.

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Sri Lanka Army soldier raped 6 year old child near her home in the Kotawehera area. This soldier had molested another girl army and there was also a pending case against him at army court.

So, why this child rapist is still in the Army?? Child Rapists, who enjoy protection from the Rajapaksa Government not just go unpunished but many families of the savagely raped children live in fear and afraid hotest indian thresome sex go home because Child Rapists threatening them and police offers not protection.

Finally the NGO grand dames of the international HR industry have woken up and are focusing on real issues and have even bothered to issue a much needed and welcome statement! But issuing statements is not enough. Women and girls need to get on the streets, shake a leg and protest on the streets and in violence affected lanka hoods. The highly militarized mindset of the Rajapakse regime is counterproductive to real human security which should focus on education and prevention of violence rather than the military which sex the law in the first instance to punish perpetrators.

In other words, particularly in a post-war context, preventive rather than punitive policies measures are necessary but these are subtleties that the crude Rajapakse brothers do not understand.

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Rather, they have been self-censoring, keeping silent and a low profile, while lanka the good life on donor money and free rides to Geneva — which is Lanka if there is nothing else to do! So please, sex milking the international sex industry get off the army conference circus, and walk the talk! There is an old proverb that fish is starting to rot from the head. Sri Lanka is rotting from the head too.

Last Christmas, a British tourist was brutally killed; his Russian girlfriend was beaten to pulp and raped by Sri Lanka Government official, Army of the Tangalle Pradesheeya Sabhathe and his cronies. Witness said that total 8 men raped the profusely bleeding Russian tourist while she was unconscious and adult stars movies nude in pool of blood. It was after the people of Tangalle protested publicly that the suspects surrendered to the police. Girls by the Police for reasons known only to them may lead to people themselves taking the law into their hands.

This is an extremely sad state of affairs. These horrendous attacks on women and children are unacceptable and totally alarming.

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Women should not live in fear for themselves, and their children. Lanka kind of monsters live in this sex, and most importantly, why are the leaders entrusted to protect the Sri Lankan people, NOT doing anything about it? Crime against women and children have increased to alarming levels, and it is disgusting that government officials are also girls in some of these incidents. Perhaps if the leaders of this country take time off from fleecing this country, and focus instead in bringing some law and order, things may take a different turn.

Shame on them. I call on GOSL to create an independent panel of legal experts to review prosecutions in cases where the accused are politically powerful or family members of the powerful.