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Despite the chaste image movie K-pop and K-dramas are generally known for, quite a number of actors have gone down the R-rated route by shedding their clothes big boobs city indulging in a romp between the sheets or other places on screen. The latest example is action thriller Realwhich garnered controversy before it was even released due to the extensive media play involving certain racy sequences involving stars Kim Soo Hyun and former f x member Sulli.

However, the attention surrounding the erotic bits certainly helped them achieve a modest box office opening, all thanks to curious cinemagoers. Besides Soo Hyun and Sulli, there are plenty of other hot Hallyu stars who have dared to nude it all minus full frontal nudity, with the exception of one for the sake of art. Brace yourselves, and read on to meet some of them:. While Seung Heon is no stranger to going shirtless on screen with a physique like his, it would be a crime not to do itObsessed showed viewers male whole new side of him quite literally: Fans nude probably thinking: Well now, everyone certainly needs such supportive no matter what people in their lives.

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Undoubtedly one of the most infamous examples of Hallyu bigwigs getting down and dirty on the big screen before Real came along, at leastJi Hyo and In Sung play a queen and a soldier who are commanded by the king to sleep together to produce an heir for him. Plenty of titillating trysts ensue — in all sorts of places and in all kinds of positions — before and after the two of them really fall into forbidden love.

These days, however, both actors are known for much more family-friendly images: For Moo Yeol, on the other hand, it was uncomfortable for him because he was in a relationship. Well, neither of them had anything to worry about: When Doo Na was still mulling over whether to accept a role in controversial, nude scene-filled Plum Blossomkorean was her mother — of all people!

Well, if there were any fears, Doo Na certainly conquered them quite thoroughly.

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The coming-of-age flick is said to boast a bedroom scene every seven minutes, and while not all of them involve Korean Na and Rae Won, they are the main attractions. VengeanceCloud Atlas and Sense8. Long before he and his baby daughter were charming viewers on The Return of SupermanJi Ho landed his first major movie male in La Belle — a rather unconventional and daring one, if we do say so, thanks to the copious amounts of salacious shenanigans he indulges in with Ji Nude on screen. What makes their fictional lovemaking stand out from the rest, however, is the fact that they trained with dancer Ahn Eun Mi for a month to learn how to move their bodies gracefully and fluidly, rather than just squirming about crassly between the sheets.

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Hey, might as well make all that action look pretty, right? While opinions are divided on whether the actual storyline behind all that sex is strong enough, most viewers can agree on one thing: Perhaps that is why director Bong Man Dae, who is also known for his work on adult films, decided to showcase their naked forms so much? The year after this male picture was released, Sung Soo and Seo Hyung nabbed supporting roles in far more family-friendly male Full House and Lovers in Korean respectively.

Talk about a change of scenery! While the other thespians on this list stop short of showing their most private bits on screen, Thirst has the honour of being the first korean Korean film to feature full-frontal male nudity. Earlier in the film, we also see Ok Bin who stars in upcoming film The Villainess lose her bra for a rather lengthy session with Kang Ho.

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Even though she was still relatively new at that time, sunny leone virginity fucking boldness and impressive performance garnered her numerous nominations at various award shows, while Kang Ho himself nabbed Best Actor several times.

During an appearance on a variety show a movie years ago, the actor jokingly complained about the scene, which was shared with leading lady Jun Ji Hyun.

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