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James Happy New Year! Alexis Crystal gets the Fister Twister treatment tubes our first scene of and today she is fisted by the gorgeous brunette babe, Antonia Sainz.

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Antonia loves to be a tubes dominant jessie jumped at the chance to film another scene with us. This gorgeous lesbian pair start to kiss while naked and Antonia rubs her big boobs up against Alexis' smaller counterparts! They oil each other up and then Alexis bends over while Antonia rubs her puffy pussy lips with her hands. She inserts a finger into her pussy and starts to finger fuck Alexis, then works her way up to using two fingers. Placing her hands into Alexis' mouth, she gets to taste her own pussy juice and Antonia turns her over to continue her lesbian play.

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When she is asked to visit the home of a famous sportsman who she has been crushing on for some time, she treats it as just another house call. Description Agents are circling in on Jessie accomplices, but they need to catch him in the act.

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