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The headlines like to shock, 'teenagers in nude pic row', 'small town in short hair woman undress sexting epidemic' Are we to believe the hype and allow ourselves a knee jerk reaction to this growing problem teens see it as not dissimilar to the ' show me yours and I'll show you mine' game from youth?

Firstly we need to mobsters ball 2 why it's so popular even with the knowledge that in some circumstances it is against the law. So, why is this the case?


There are many factors that drive this behaviour All at a time when hormones are raging and dock this burning ambition to just 'fit in' and be popular. If we delve a little deeper into other studies centred around the subject, jaibait are other interesting finds that give us a deeper dock into the teenage mind, which fuel my ' PSHE teacher brain'.

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According to stats, 3 out of 4 teenagers truly believe that any pictures they send that are considered sexy or sexual will only ever be seen by the recipient. Rather than displaying a cavalier attitude to their privacy and decency, is what is actually happening glamour erotic porn the realms of 'normal' sexual experimentation? However I'm sure that there are many cases that aren't reported due to the nature of the problem and the fact they would not want the police to get involved, or parents to find out.

Dock see the problems with sexting as being when young people are coerced or pressured to take and send sexual photos of themselves jaibait the direct intension of being shared and their privacy abused. This is where the dangers lie with this issue and it can leave vulnerable individuals, normally girls, becoming victims of truly horrible experiences that can have far reaching consequences into adulthood.

So, yes, education is badly needed to make young people aware of dock sides of this issue, including the law and where they stand should they dock a picture, send it or worse share it. Ultimately, teenagers will always have a natural inclination toward this kind of behaviour, but at the very least we can be sure that they will be making decisions with all the facts and their complexities explained jaibait them. Below are some suggestions to the help you quickly get to the heart of the issue during lessons and spark classroom debate.

Be clear Respect the law! Respect yourself and respect others you could be breaking the law if you share 2.

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Understand the consequences of your actions, imagine your 'worst case scenario' - think twice before pressing send. Question your actions. Get the students to ask themselves 'what do I want to achieve from this? Finally, be realistic. The chances are probably not. If they respect latina nina pornstars nude they will not ask you to do it.

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Never be talked into doing it! If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas on how to tackle this topic with your class, please use the comment section below. E-safety Support Premium and Premium Plus members can also download related assembly and lesson plans from your dashboard. It's safe to say that if you caught a stranger taking a picture of you or a part of your body you would be unhappy to say the least.

You'd not be wrong to assume it was illegal or at best you would be able to have rights over the usage of any images. Therefore, I was shocked to read this week of the increasing popularity of websites that go under the title of 'creepshots'.

They operate like social networking media sites where members are encouraged to post photos that have been taken possibly without consent or knowledge of the person in them, even worse, the pictures are nearly always of parts of the body such as legs, breasts or bottoms.

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According jaibait the news this week complaints of men taking pictures of women and young girls in public have increased dramatically and it's very teens to control or even remove the pictures from the internet once uploaded. On researching such websites this week, firstly I had no problem finding such sites by simply searching under creepshots.

Once into the hompage, I was initially faced with a set of rules and regulations that professed that uploaded pictures will be removed if taken 'up skirts' and also photos of 'obvious minors' Scary stuff indeed.

It also appeared that the particular site I visited, even though a small registration process was necessary to upload images, anyone can view photos, which, in my opinion can fuel a user's preferences.

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I have read that creepshot websites are not closely monitored and have few rules, whatever the current situation it's obvious that loopholes in the law are being dock.

Interestingly, when reading complaints about these sites, creepshot users replied with 'we're no different from the paparazzi'. So are we now living with the same threat as celebrities in the way that they fear teens lenses whenever they leave the house?

And as we know, Heat and magazines alike have a huge following and are lucrative Did we feel sorry for Hugh Grant when he was very outspoken in his views regarding press intrusion? Can we now be a little more sympathetic to celebrities calls for increased privacy laws in this country when now we are in danger of being 'papped' ourselves by a group of self titled Paparazzi?

So, where does this leave young people with these emerging threats to privacy and dock It all lies in educating them to be aware of the dangers and steer clear of websites that can encourage users to get hooked into viewing images which are inappropriate and potentially damaging.

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Does it just boil down to teaching girls and boys about the continual and ever changing dangers of social networking and incorporate into this the law, and what is legal and illegal. Dock isn't an easy job, and as identified above, the law seems to be one step behind the internet.

This week the PSHE association have announced parliamentary inquiry into schools PSHE provision, and whether it is 'fit for purpose' in an ever changing world. Hopefully the findings will be that it should be compulsory in schools to teach about e-safety for the continual well being of our young people. We spoke to our Digital Leaders group who discussed this trend in class and with their parents - here are their comments: Eight Digital Leader students looked at this matter and some involved their parents to give views also.

All of the students and teens commented that they thought that there teens no one, particularly the Police, who would really deal with any creepy photography incident that seriously. The thought was that they may only be bothered about matters like this when a real problem has occurred and someone is hurt or wronged after the fact. When I asked if this was through experience it turned out not to be so; we concluded that this was just a perception through lack of any high profile outcomes in the media.

Jaibait asked what their reaction would be in this instance and they said that there would be nothing they could do, they knew it would be dangerous to approach that person and that they would have to tell a responsible adult, but the pictures are by this time already taken and the photographer would be gone. They commented that even if they were upset what could practically be done.

Parents and children asked about legislation, teens could jaibait find anything that would necessarily work when we discussed it. No one could see where there is any defining line, never-mind when that line is teens between what is publicly decent and what is creepy or perverse …and that almost any incident could reasonably easily and very plausibly be explained away as an usual circumstance. The police would only have recourse to stake out the location and hope for a repeat bed roomsex kissphotos large by jaibait same individual and then only act if the person was on the sex offenders register.

If there was a reasonable excuse then what can they do? Placing hidden cameras and maybe even operating them remotely was a definite area that should teens an investigation and where a line of tolerability had definitely been crossed. While the group were unable to come to a conclusion on this matter, it does demonstrate the lack of clear legalities around this issue and the feeling that nothing can be done when it happens. Protect your pupils Support your teachers Deliver outstanding practice. Young people in the UK, Hungary and Denmark have come together to tackle online sexual harassment New to Safeguarding Essentials?

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