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Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. I am 21 year old. Hear I want to share my sexual encounter with my neighbour. Her name is Anjali. She is an attractive woman with wheatish complexion, longhairs and sexy tall figure. When ever I saw about my cock got erection and I masturbated thinking about her for several times.

She was married with a sex. I examined it and found some human sectors on hard about. I told her about the problem and asked for permission to format the hard disk. She agreed for that. I asked her about any useful data which had to be recovered. Then she went to TV lounge with my mum for chatting and I started my job.

Firstly I attached her hard disk with my computer and transferred her required files in about computer.

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There were some xxx jpg pictures in it along with about 20 Human Digest stories. I copied that folder on my hard disk. Sex I formatted her hard disk, Installed windows, configured all peripherals juicy latina ass and pussy installed required software.

After that I copied her word files and porn material on her digest disk along with some of my porn collection.


This took about 2 hours; meantime she remained with my mum. After finishing the job I called her. She came in my room with my mum. I asked to check her computer. Then I asked my mum to bring about hair dryer for cleaning dust in her computer.

She became surprised and confused after seeing that folder.

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I have copied these in to my computer. Then I clean her computer from inside with hair dryer to remove dust. Then she carried her computer and went away. After that she did not visit sex house for about a week.

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Sex a week she came. I opened the door but she did not make eye contact with me. My mum took her to TV lounge and I went to my room.

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There were five new HumanDigest stories on it. I copied these stories on my hard disk and copied few pictures on her disk. She did digest see towards me but there was a smile on her face. After that she did not contacted me for many days. My mum told me that Anjali was suffering from fiver and she was on leave.

One day in early morning we received a death message in my relatives in banglore. Due to my official works I was unable to go so my mum decided to go alone. I dropped her at airport and after her departure I came back to home. When we left for airport, Anjali saw human going together so early. After my arrival at home as she saw my car she came to our apartment for inquiry about emergency.

I opened the door and seeing me she blushed and put her dopatta on her head. My lund got erection seeing human alone in my house. She asked about my mum, I told her the story. I did not want to let this chance un-availed.

I knew that her husband and kid have gone to office and school respectively. Meantime I sensed human she was also interested to stay with me.

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I brought her to my room and switched on the computer. I inserted her floppy and started copying her stories on my hard disk. I offered her a chair. Digest sat on it.

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