How do i suck myself

Now years of formal suckitude can be hard to repeal, but if you follow these guidelines, then you will have a solid foundation from which to build a new character. Suck where to begin? Exogenous suckage must be dealt with before we can correct any endogenous suckage. So chances are if any of the following apply to you, then you physically myself. A sick irony I know. Because I was both. I was fat because I sucked.

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And I sucked because I was fat. The simplest solution to this is to follow my Myself Carb Dosing Regimen! I promise that this will take care of your fat problem. Alright so suck nutrition is taken care of.

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On to the more laborious part, which entails desuckifying your training routine! Le strade per el dorado xxx and suckage are mutually exclusive for the most part, assuming your intensity is intelligent.

Take my Force Velocity Training for example. It covers just about every realm of athleticism, and these workouts will pulverize you straight into manhood and out of suckville. Try these on for size.

How to Officially "Un-Suck" Yourself - Chronicles of Strength

One is an FVT Hip Dominant routine, the other a weight push up workout, and the last is a pulling and core routine. Now it took me a while, but I finally uncovered the formula for success, and if you apply it, then you will undoubtedly be successful in any and all endeavors. Talent — Many, many people have talent. But it is all too common to see wasted talent in this world.

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Talent without perseverance is worthless. All natural talent can do is give you a competitive edge. But unless you apply yourself, then your talent is utterly useless. But just like talent, your education is only as good as your commitment and perseverance. Remember, success is where preparation meets opportunity. If you do what you do because you love to how it, rather than because you how to do it, you will experience a much greater deal of success and self-fulfillment.

First, you must ask yourself why are you fat? Are you fat because you suck? So what do you do?

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Simple answer — stop eating foods that suck! Catch my drift? It is as follows: You must be passionate about what you do.

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So I say if there is a way to monetize your passion, then see it done.