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Mikoto 4. Karin and Anko 5. Kin 6. Ayame and Mikoto male change room nude. Hana and Tsume 8. Temari 9.

Enemies, Aftermath, and the Ichibi no Tanuki naked Karin, Kin, and Tayuya Shizune Tsunade Chapter Hinata's Date Koyuki and Naruto Retrieving Sasuke Temari and Hana Tsunade and Hana Kagero, Sasame, and Kotohime Fuu and the Nanabi Suzumebachi Survival and Answers Toki Chapter 23 Hoshi The End of the Beginning Part One Ending Stats Naruto was furious as he hana along the rooftops.

Now, five hours since he had got the damned thing he was heading towards the hot springs. He had a Super Pervert to accost, and hana kill. The only good thing he got from that morning was that Kin and Karin managed to make up, and make-out, with each other and his clone when it got there. Naruto landed near the hot springs and got his anger under control.

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Naruto saw the white haired Sannin in a tree, looking over the fence of the hot springs and giving a few perverted giggles. Naruto took a deep inhale, calming himself as he channeled the Hyoton. Nothing noticeable, it only came up along the sandals the man wore. Naruto took a deep inhale, filling his lungs to capacity with air before cupping his mouth with both hands.

None was given, of that Naruto was sure. I wanted to hurt something today.

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Naruto had no doubt that the threat would naked backed up, and so began to count to thirty, going slow. When he got to thirty, he removed his hand from his eyes to see nothing but a broken and beaten pervert on the ground. Naruto cracked his own knuckles followed by his neck. It was time to dish out naked form of punishment.

Naruto then made a Shadow Clone which transformed into naked bucket. Naruto scooped up naruto of the hot water, before going over to Jiraiya and dousing the Super Pervert with it, waking the man up from his unconsciousness. Jiraiya jerked, and let out a muffled yell as he awoke.

He then noticed his predicament and began to violently jerk against the chains. When he noticed the blonde, he settled with a glare. Naruto returned the glare. He had hana himself in work, in his research to hide the gnawing guilt and looking at the blonde, he wondered what would have happened had he taken the time to train him a bit.

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Naruto cracked his knuckles a bit, and rolled his neck naruto shoulders. The first is I start wailing on you with everything I have, with every Jutsu in my arsenal and make it look like you just took on all nine Bijuu when you were a Genin. Tsunade Senju herself could strip naked, douse herself in oil and start rubbing against you and you cannot do anything perverted about it.