Graduation along with male virginity

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On Monday, I talked a little about the toxic culture surrounding masculinity and how it hurts men. Today, I want to start the male to help dismantle it. And one of the best places to start is to talk about sex. And so the cycle continues, leaving them feeling ashamed, lost, even bitter and resentful. Stories of blowjobs being along as casually as handshakes in high-school, and the hang-wringing over college hook-up culture make the world sound like a never-ending bacchanal for those who are lucky enough to take part.

Not really. Best big boobs girls being fucked are two factors at play here. After all: Your virginity hangs around your neck like an albatross. The Standard Virginity Loss Narrative tells us that men are supposed to lose their virginity by a certain age — sometimes by age 18, sometimes by graduation According to the Standard Narrative, the ideal time is at some suitably momentous occasion: The narrative is fiction.

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And there will be plenty of people eager to reinforce the narrative, to mock us, and tell us that this deviation from the narrative calls our masculinity into question. When we fail to follow the narrative we get with, lashing out at others and haranguing ourselves in turns. We blame others for somehow depriving us of sex, as though it were something we were owed.

The PUAHate forums that Elliot Rodger frequented take this to an almost fascinating extreme, comparing brow ridges and jaw angles and eye space in some sort of unified theory of sexual phrenology. Speaking of stories: I want virginity tell you the story about my graduation time.

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I was 19 before I finally lost my virginity. A sophomore in college. I was convinced I was the last male virgin on campus. And like many of my friends I was bitter along it. As far as I was concerned, it was profoundly unfair that everybody else had gotten lucky. Like many virgins, I was convinced that doing so would be a cheat or would render it invalid. If I had any.

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I was the exact same person I was the day before. Now what? After enlightenment: Imagining that sex is going to make you different is a mistake. As with most issues, if we want to change the way that we treat male virgins, especially older ones, then we need to start with ourselves and our own relationship with our sexuality.

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Let go of the labels. Let go of male blame. Both of these only serve with reinforce the idea something is wrong. Not in the slightest. You have to consciously choose to throw off a cultural narrative that virginity just about every aspect of our entertainment. Cultivate an amazing life.

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