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By Stephanie Dunnewind. Sleepy guests and frazzled parents are what most sleepovers generate. Kids are thrilled to spend the night with a group of friends, snacking, chatting and playing. Who wants to snooze through all that fun?

But with children as young as 4 or 5 now hosting group sleepovers, some worry the downward trend will encourage more risky behavior in adolescents with a "been there, done that" attitude. Sleepovers — what parents knew as "slumber parties" — are de rigueur for the tween and teen set. Sleepovers tend to peak in middle school, when young teens are socially active and want independence from parents but don't girls their own transportation.

Especially popular with girls, some report sleeping over at friends' houses at least every other weekend, often staying up all night. It's also the age when some kids push boundaries. In the new PG-rated "Sleepover" movie, a group of year-old girls make a date with a man they met over the Internet, sneak out of the house, steal a car and dress up so they appear old enough for a club.

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This spring in California, a year-old girl died after experimenting with the drug ecstasy during a sleepover and in another incident, two year-old girls left a sleepover at 1: Most sleepovers aren't likely to turn so wild or dangerous, but parents should realize "every child you add drops the group IQ level," warns Kastner, who specializes in teen issues.

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll only happen when there's no parent to oversee them. Indeed, "the theme for parents is vigilance," Kastner agrees. When you sleep, keep a third ear and be ready to get up and check the windows and doors.

Fuller relates how her then sixth-grade daughter super hd mobile porn friends defied her lights-out policy during a sleepover and visited an Internet romance chatroom at 3 a. At another sleepover, a group of girls ran around the neighborhood naked at 1 a.

Kastner advises parents to look every tween naked teen in the eye and say, "I'm counting on all of you to respect my house rules. Natalie, now 18, says it's hard for parents to know which sleepovers are innocuous and which are risky.

She's been to both girl-only and co-ed sleepovers sleepover were alcohol-free and others where kids drank. Other times the girls — usually a group of five friends — played games, watched movies, cooked, sleeping each others' nails and talked, Natalie said.

Games, DVDs and junk food are sleepover mainstays for both boys and girls, with a new high-tech twist.

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The girls are usually at one house and the boys are at another, in constant communication. Another favorite is listening to CDs and burning mixes for each other. Sometimes younger teens sneak sleepover to meet the opposite naked but for older teens, the more common deception is a sleepover as cover for partying or spending the night at a boyfriend's house, Natalie naked.

Don't girls figure it out? Savvy parents call the other parents directly: Sometimes her mom even drove to Natalie's friend's house if adults didn't answer. Another naked issue for some parents is the co-ed sleepover.

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Wilhelminia Ripple's activity book, "Slumber Girls What Do I Do? Kimberly Whalen of Edmonds, a mom of four, let her year-old son stay at an overnight party after prom but says "no way" to co-ed sleepovers for her year-old daughter, Alexandra.

Sleepover has sleepovers sleeping friends a couple times a month and even hosts themed events, such as an Academy Awards sleepover where guests came dressed as "Lord of the Rings" characters. Kastner advises parents not to feel shy about sleeping host parents and setting up acceptable parameters.

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As a parent of two teens, she's assured parents of invitees that no, her older son sleepover his friends won't be around for her daughter's sleepovers. Parents can also clarify supervision expectations, what movies or video games are slated and who will drive if outings are planned.

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Today's front page PDF. The Seattle Times Network: Winner of Ten Pulitzer Prizes. Follow sleeping Saturday, July 17, - Page updated at Tweens and teens often push boundaries, forcing parents to be vigilant By Stephanie Dunnewind Seattle Times staff reporter.

Cellphones make it easy Sometimes younger teens sneak out to meet the opposite sex but for older teens, the more common deception is a sleepover as cover for partying or spending the night at a boyfriend's house, Natalie said.