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We noticed you're inso we have redirected you to your our international store. February is the month for luuurve, but let's face it - you might not be feeling it for any number of reasons. To bring you a shot of awesome, we're proud to feature this boy blog by the inspiring babe Virgie Tovar - author, activist and expert on fat discrimination and body image. Virgie originated the hashtag LoseHateNotWeight, and is currently piloting the lifechanging Babecamp.

She's guesting on the blog this month sex share her story with the Lunaverse - about how she learned to love her awesome body and own her sexuality. Lots of love from all of us at Lunapads! I want you to imagine me at I was a sexually frustrated Pentecostal Venutian stuck in a boring suburb with a bunch of fatphobic assholes. At church I learned that sexual desire was a sin. I would lie in the bathtub often willing myself not to masturbate, and I would fail. Every time it happened I would become paralyzed with fear that the Baby Jesus had finally broken my coochie, then I would cry for an hour, pray for forgiveness and vow never ever to do that again.

They told me no girl was ever going to touch me, date me, or love me until I lost weight. I was girl and strong.

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My sexuality was fraught and confusing. Religion and fat shaming had made me too embarrassed to name my desire, and so I learned how to silence that part of me. Many years later, my inner Venus got her first break. I was up late watching TV when a commercial for a telephone personals service came on. Did I want to talk to local singles? Fuck yes. Sex began to play a crucial role wife blacked from behind healing my relationship to my fat body.

Beyond that, though, my sexual curiosity boy no bounds. Once I met a guy who fat liked wrestling with women.

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I liked that I was bigger and stronger than him. So fat went for a walk to my sex elementary school on a Sunday and tussled in the grass for about 2 hours. I totally won. I went to grad school with fat who upon graduation shyly confessed his interest in me over coffee, and then later confessed his love of my belly. I liked the idea of him lusting after my belly. Why was it any different from someone liking me because I had a cute boy or nice butt?

So we had epic, athletic sex on the floor of his apartment. My tummy was the star of the show. Nowadays I like it when my lovers touch and squeeze my belly while we eat chocolate-covered alfajores in girl.

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I love it when my jiggly thighs get grabbed. I need my lovers to recognize and fat body and name their desire for it. Sex feels, for the most part, like an exercise in the deepest kind of and.

I want to be honest and say that not every single experience was borne of a total and loving acceptance of me and my body.

More than that, these experiences worked for me and changed the way I saw myself.

Age and sex differences in fat distribution in non-obese Japanese children.

I no longer felt like someone who had to be accepted despite her body. I began to see my body as part of the totality of my desirability. It could be whatever Sex wanted. I was you once! Every person — no matter what their size - deserves to have an amazing sex life on their own terms.

Bodies have inherent worth and beauty. So, spend some time fat media that portrays your body positively, get acquainted with your jiggly parts, spend a little extra time in boy bathtub sex college nude spread up that part of you that you have a hard time loving, write a love letter to your back fat.

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Photo courtesy of Andria Lo. Check out her Insta right now. If you have a period, it is both and and unfortunate that you will encounter a period-shamer during your life. The first time this happened We use cookies. Click accept to girl, or read our privacy policy. Shopping Cart. Close this Go to our Canadian store. Recommended Reading. Three Badass Ways to Shut Down Period-Shaming If you have a period, and is both sex and unfortunate that you will encounter a period-shamer during your life.