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We had finally made it out of Peru, who had held us captive for months, forcing her beauty and diversity on us at every turn. After a dirty, wet lug through some muddy, horrendously maintained mountain roads, we hit the Ecuadorian border, and were confronted with horrifically beautiful tar, dense greenery, and shock and horror… road signs.


Crossing the border into Ecuador was for once exactly what we expected. The forests were lush, green, and everywhere. Clouds pumped up out nude the deep valleys to flow over the roads, and there was life everywhere. Shortly after entering the border I also had my first experience with a tarantula. For the first first time sex pictures women in my life, I saw a tarantula crossing the road. I immediately shared my amazement with Megan, and asked if we could stop to take nude picture of the beast.

Megan, having a deep-seated fear of all things spidery, asked me if I was mental and forcefully declined. Why would you do such a thing!? So my photo evidence never materialised, apologies. We spent the day taking in the new country, with all its amazing views and immaculate tar roads, and after a quick stopover in the small town of Loja, porn kaitlyn teen cute blasted over to Cuenca.

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Cuenca is a beautiful women, with stunning architecture, and some great food. But the bug had bitten us, and as it is with so many native, after you get stuck for too long in one place you the itch to make progress.

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Not having learnt our lesson yet we are slow learners we listened, and got ourselves appropriately excited. What we were met with, was a heavily touristy town, with gringo-style fast food restaurants, a million tour companies, and locals trying invasively and forcefully to sell you some or other form of crap on every corner. All authenticity has been lost, and the mighty dollar has taken over.

If I stop being a grumpy old arse for 10min, I remember the great craft beer, pulled pork sandwiches and fantastic hot chocolate and chocolate native for which Ecuador is ecudor famous. There are highlights to the touristy stuff sometimes, no matter how much I complain. As usual, our procrastination and tendency to stay in places far too long had become too much for Martin, who chose progress.

To add insult to injury we were moved out of our private room and into a small dorm with the swedes, who insisted on walking around in their underwear and changing in the room in broad daylight.

When informed of this, Martin was a broken man, struggling to grasp the severe misfortune that had befallen him, he even seriously considered riding back. Megan made an emergency executive decision and dragged me out of there kicking and screaming the following morning. And so it was rain-forest time. We had been very excited to get back to the jungle, Megan in particular missed the sounds of the animals and the jungle, and Tena had a reputation as being a fantastic Amazon getaway. So in we rode, over a fantastically dodgy bridge and through the rain and mist into a paradise on a direct tributary to the Amazon River.

After a nasty, but completely brilliant thunderstorm, complete nude fallen tree right next to the bikes, we left for the capital. After refilling at the nearest station, and stopping for a small roadblock, Megan was chased, rather hilariously, by a monkey, who for some or other reason had it in his head to climb on her motorcycle whilst ecudor was still on it.

We pulled in to Hotel Zentrum, a fantastic stopover.

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The gentlemen, who hosted us so native, were two elderly German hippies with loads of character. They take ecudor pride in their hotel, which is complete with a beer garden, honesty bar and the best buffet breakfast we had seen the whole trip, it was going to be difficult to leave.

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One essential thing to do in Quito is visit the famous Cathedral in the old-town. A striking piece of work, this massive cathedral is covered in gargoyles and carvings of animals unique to the Galapagos Islands. All manner of lizards, birds, turtles, seals and everything in-between peek out from every stony step, and is a truly bizarre sight to be seeing on an ancient chapel. The highlight came when climbed to the top of the steeple.

Well… I say we…. Megan made a gallant effort and conquered her fears to ascend most of the way, even when confronted with the relentless teasing and torture coming from her better half behind her, walking through the native roof and ascending rickety stairs. I eventually had to push to the summit alone and take some photos nude the vast city that lay sprawled out below of us. On the way out of the city, we made a women stop at the Equator as well, to document that pivotal moment where we crossed into a latina big butt naked women hemisphere, its not called Ecuador for nothing you know….

The ride to Mindo was a short one, but great, full of tight twisty tar and lush greenery. Mindo is a small forest reserve town, and is the home to a massive collection of animal life, plant life and myriad nature-begotten delights and curiosities. It is the point where the two most biodiverse regions on Native meet. It was also where Martin had been hiding waiting for us women we were gallivanting around the rest of the country.

Willy has been living in Ecuador for 21 ecudor, and speaks fluent Spanish with a German accent, which is as heavy as an anvil. The Cabanas, although started by Willy and on his property, had been managed by a local had nearly destroyed the business.

By the time we had arrived, Willy had once again taken over the business women was busy building it up, he was doing a damn good job of it too. Very few nude on the trip have I seen someone so genuinely helpful, friendly and proud of his place. He is a real champ. Willy makes breakfast every morning for his guests, these change between traditional Ecuadorian and traditional Swiss women. We even had the honour of Willy making us a traditional Ecuadorian drink, which we shared with our new good friend, Tim.