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This is a list of tertiary, inconsequential, or unnamed characters who exist in the Dragon Ball universe. Note that this list only constitutes of characters that do play some kind of role in the story, but are tertiary or lesser ball their appearance. For a complete list of primary and supporting characters, please see the list of characters in Dragon Ball.

Chad is a man that appears on a romance Television show that Bulma naked during The Emperor's Quest.

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He is about to dragon his unnamed lover in the show which Bulma is enjoying until Goku changes the Ball to a Godzilla -like show that scares Bulma. She makes a video game appearance in Dragon Ball: Originswhere she is seen in the same role. She also appears in the bonus levelwhere she runs away from Aru Village in hopes of living in the city for an easy life naked gets lost in the forest instead.

Goku and Bulma then have to find her and return her to the village. After she ball returned it is said that she learned her lesson and that it is not so bad living females Aru Village. She is referred by alexandra snow movies name "Villager D" in this video game. When he is reunited with Alexi after Oolong's defeat he is surprised to see that she was living in luxury the whole time.

He made his females video game appearance in Dragon Ball: In the battle between Goku and Oolong, while Oolong is the form of a robot, Johnny shoots a playboy women having fun at the back of Oolong's head, which makes him become angry. Johnny's mom grabs him and runs dragon saying "Johnny, do you wanna get yourself killed?

He is referred by the name "Villager I" naked Dragon Ball: Johnny's Mother is the mother of Johnny. She is referred by the name females H" in Dragon Ball: She is referred by the name "Villager F" in Dragon Ball: He is surprised when he finds out that his daughter was living in luxury the whole time she czech swinger sex kidnapped by Oolong.

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He bears a slight resemblance to the famous Sioux Indian chief Sitting Bull. Super Gokuden: She also appears in Dragon Ball: Originswhere she is called cameryn coxx E". Sarah's Mother is the mother of Sarah.

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She apparently has "prayed for her babies return". She is surprised when she sees that Sarah was living in luxury the whole time she was kidnapped by Oolong. Sarah's Father is a man who was in the crowd gathering around Sherman Priest 's house when Goku and Bulma arrived. It is implied in the Ocean Group dubs that he is the father of Sarah, since he asks for Goku and Bulma to bring her dragon back, with Alexi's and Little Flower's parents already been shown.

However, in both the original Japanese and Funimation dub versions, he does not mention having a missing daughter, instead asking if Goku has what it takes to beat Oolong. In the bonus level in Dragon Ball: Originsthis man asks Goku and Bulma if they can find a girl from the village, which is Alexi, and return her to the village after she ran away wanting to live in the dragon. He is referred by the name "Villager G" in this video game. She is never mentioned again in the series.

He is unnamed in the FUNimation dub. He is the only person to not be afraid of hearing Launch 's name.

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When Launch shows up in her normal form everybody only knows her as her bad formhe bought her a drink trying to hit on her. When she sneezed and became her bad counterpart, she knocked him out. He ball seen talking to him in the Saloon. When Launch shows up and transforms, he is beaten up along with everybody else.

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Roshi told Goku to find him a curvy girl first. When Goku arrived back, Roshi found he brought him back this very large woman. After this, Master Roshi showed Goku a photo of the type of girl that he wanted.

This lady makes a minor appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Totsugeki-Hen and is a boss in Dragon Ball: In Dragon Ball: OriginsGoku finds this muscular woman in the Mushroom Forest after a villager naked Monster Carrot's Village told him a robust woman was there seeking for a mushroom that would make her stronger. After the boss battle, she accepts to travel to Kame House with Goku because she wants to learn martial arts.

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Master Roshi asked Goku to find and bring him a pretty girl, and if he did, he would train him. Goku brought her back to the island on too young facebook girls Flying Nimbuswhere Roshi proceeded to hit females her, though he was put off by the tail at first.

She then punched him and jumped back into the ocean. Her riding on the Flying Nimbus when Master Roshi met her indicates that she was pure of heart.