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It gets worse. It features ugly actors playing ugly characters who say ugly things while performing ugly deeds. There is nothing from or worthwhile about a single moment of it, not even in a prurient, I-love-to-wallow-in-debauchery sort of way.

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It is simply rancid, unbathed, country-fried filth. For if a whorehouse cannot provide safe harbor, what can? So Otis and Baby head for the motel, perpetrating a killing spree on their way and taking a traveling family of rejects hostage once they arrive. I note that, to ensure NO ONE in the film is sympathetic, not even the victims, the patriarch of the musician clan is an adulterer. The murderers are now in the position that the heroes are usually in at the end of a movie i.

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I get that he hates us and wants us to hate his movie, but beyond that, his intentions are lost on me. It is interesting to note that there are relatively few actual killings in the movie.

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The unpleasantness comes not from the violence though it is plentiful, make no mistakebut from the ideas. Spaulding, Otis and Baby all seem to hate each other in addition to hating mankind, and I have already mentioned the malignant nature of Sheriff Wydell.

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Devils abuse each other physically, emotionally and sexually. Even the women in the traveling band are mean to each other, before they ever encounter the killers. Zombie shows from women unclothed whenever possible, always naked a voyeuristic, mean-spirited way: The naked shot of the movie is of a deformed hillbilly dragging a dead naked woman through the woods.

The film is ripe with naked misogyny, bald-faced sadism, and even some sacrilege, thrown in for good measure.

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I LIKE slasher movies. When they are done well, they are scary and haunting, or at the very least they feature people being killed in creative or amusing ways.

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It is simply hateful. I will not hate rejects back, though.

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Movie Reviews. Devils 22, Directed by: Rob Zombie Cast: Trial by Blonde.

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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The Prodigy.