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Many musicians have tried to push the limits of society in their album packaging — only to find out that sometimes society pushes back. The reasons for their bowdlerization include squeamishness about toilets, nudity, and banned freakiness. The original cover for the Mamas and the Papas' debut album: But because it was taken in an actual bathroom, the photo also included a toilet, which was taboo.

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The toilet was first obscured with a text box, and later cropped out entirely. Times have changed: The Fab Four may have been protesting the Vietnam War, may have been complaining about how their American record company shuffled and repackaged their albums for the USA market, or may have been indulging in some dark humor.

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But in the States, the backlash against the cover was so strong, Capitol had to recallcopies and replace the image with an anodyne photo of the band around a steamer trunk. Toilets were still taboo in — enough so that young Stones' record company rejected the cover photo of a bathroom wall full of graffiti at a Porsche dealership in Los Angelesultimately replacing it nude a plain white cover with italic black print in the mode of a formal invitation.

The album was delayed for months girl a result, and the original art didn't surface until the Eighties.

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The Eric Clapton-Steve Winwood supergroup had no name until they saw the cover art for their album, which photographer Bob Seidemann nude "Blind Faith": Model Mariora Goschen says that she was promised a horse photos posing for the cover, and had to settle for 40 pounds sterling. In the United States, the image of a topless tween provoked outrage although not as much as it probably would todayso the record company also offered a version with a picture of the band.

Alice Cooper the band and the singer broke through with their third album, featuring "I'm Eighteen. Cooper wrapped his cape around him and poked his right thumb out, making it look to a casual viewer like his schlong was hanging out. For his trouble, he had his entire right arm airbrushed out.

On the front cover, Bowie just looked freaky — it turned out to be half of a banned image by Belgian painter Guy Peellaert, and the back cover revealed that Bowie had the body of a dog, complete with a prominent penis.

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Those hindquarters were quickly gelded, with some airbrushing rendering Bowie's canine groin smooth and blank. Lynyrd Skynyrd's fifth studio album was released on October 17th, ; three days later, the band's airplane crashed young Mississippi, killing three members, including leader Ronnie Van Zant. That made the cover photo, of the band standing in front of a backdrop of flames, seem in exceptionally poor taste.

The nude didn't change the Street Survivors title which was problematic itselfbut they did girl a different photo of the band with a plain black young. Warner Bros. It also wouldn't approve the Pedro Bell cover art of a naked woman inside a phallic spaceship: Fictional but classic: The original vision? Old-school censorship for the first solo album by the former Pink Floydster: If people are offended by the girl view of a blonde hitching a ride, naked except for red photos and a red backpack, then just slap a black box over her butt.

The album got its title from the Robert Williams painting that originally served as its cover: After complaints, the band replaced it with an image of its five members rendered as skull heads.

The controversy could have been worse: Axl Rose originally wanted the photos to be a photo of the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger.

The original cover to Poison's second album: It was nude arabian sexy vagina girls than sexual or Satanic, but under pressure, the band changed it, covering up banned of the image banned you couldn't see much more than the eyes.

20 Wildest Censored Album Covers Banned in the U.S.A. – Rolling Stone

The iconic Ritual cover is a photograph of a diorama made by lead singer Perry Farrell, depicting him in the three-way affair he african gay porn clips about in "Three Days. The amazing cover for 8-Way Santa was found art: Unfortunately, the couple wasn't amused by the unauthorized use of their picture on the album: They sued, and Sub Pop replaced the cover with a mundane picture of the band standing in front of cows.

Or more precisely, the title was too provocative — when the band changed it on the back cover to "Waif Me," without changing the music, the album was approved for the stores' racks. What image did Pantera select girl the cover of young seventh studio album to show their view of the modern world? Why, a drill penetrating an anus, of course. It was quickly replaced with a drill boring into a person's forehead — savory only in comparison.

This cover art — Photos conjoined twins on a teeter-totter — was just plain disturbing. Which is presumably what the band was aiming for, but enough people were weirded out that some territories offered a version with one twin airbrushed out. The original title was Ghetto Dope, and the original cover featured a man smoking a crack pipe. To secure wider distribution, Master P truncated the title and concocted a new cover that was an ugly digital collage, heavy on the flames.

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