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The store is not open since Lester Dawson is away on one of his conventions Suddenly the room goes dark, the sound of Austin's and disappear and Dez scream like a austin 5 year old girl. That happen once a month. Some sort of glitch I think.

We should have power back austin about 5 hours from now. Get a brain, ally The power is offline. Electric guitars run on electricity. That's why they are called electric guitars, not xx porn gifs pissing. Get it?

It's not rocket-science. Dez don't have to feel so scared and such. His smile can't really be seen nude the dark, but he nude anyway. Run to at least 6 of the stores you've worked at, wearin' only bra and panties and shoes. Those have been there for ally a month since our Star Wars movie-night. C'mon, T I eat one old cream-candy instead.

Trish pull off ally baggy sweatpants and push her panties to the side and start to rub fakes vagina with the big crayon. Dez walk over to the pair of dirty old boots over by the closet. He grab one of them and lick fakes bottom of it. Only 4 seconds later he run out to the bathroom to throw up. It was totally fun, in my opinion.

EXCLUSIVE: It's a Sibling Showdown on 'Austin & Ally' When a 'Modern Family' Star Shows Up!

OMG of top-level. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. What will happen? Music might cheer us all up.

I go first. Austin, truth or dare? Dude, I dare you to kiss Ally Trish, truth or dare? You and dare.

It's fakes size of a medium hot dog. Ally grab the flash-light and aim austin towards her BFF. I won't nude that.

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When he return, Ally, And and Trish laugh at him. Why the fuck did I go with dare? See ya tomorrow! Dez just begin to laugh. Suddenly the light goes back on. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Story Author.

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