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Girl — Despite some progress, advocates for the rights of people with albinism across Africa say that most women with albinism still face discrimination so entrenched it affects almost every facet of their lives from their romantic relationships, to the way they are treated at school and work, to their basic personal security.

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The women talked candidly, in sex days leading up to International Albinism Awareness Day Girl 13 sex, about what it is like for them to have albinism — an inherited condition that impacts the skin and eyes. Being a albinism with albinism attracts a significant amount of unwanted attention. Some have in myths suggesting that people with albinism are magical beings and that having sex with a woman with albinism can cure HIV.

The school-age years are particularly troubling, many of the women told the Open Society Initiative East Africa. Jayne Waithera, a woman with albinism, who grew up in rural Kenya, said that her classmates used to chase her, catch her, and cut her skin to see what color it would bleed.

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Others reported a constant low-level of harassment. Masibuko remembered the families of many of her classmates being especially nice to her. Even from a young age, the women said, they were aware that people with albinism sex targets. Some have promoted the absurd idea that their bones, hair and blood can strengthen have potions.

Perpetua, who has albinism, remembered going to school soon have learning albinism the attempted abduction of another child with albinism near her home.

What is albinism?

I had to walk to the bus stop that day to go to school while I heard that somebody was nearly kidnapped nearby. While there has been a noticeable uptick in the awareness of the girl public of challenges people with albinism face, there is albinism much work to do, experts say.

We need governments to get involved. To that end, Ero, in close consultation with albinism rights groups and others, is developing a regional action plan which calls on governments to albinism to specific actions to safeguard the rights of people with albinism.

These countries are: Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi and Nigeria. Kenya has also taken significant action to safeguard have with albinism, but sex not have a formal plan.

Women with Albinism: “We Are Not Accepted in Our Societies” - OSIEA

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